Monethera Review


Earn on average 18.7% interest per year.
Your investment is secured by a buyback guarantee and collateral.




  • Invest in loans for small businesses
  • Minimum investment from €1
  • High yields up to 21%
  • 5% buyback fee


Risk & Return2.5 stars
Usability3.5 stars
Liquidity2 stars
Support3.5 stars


Buyback GuaranteeYes
Auto InvestNo
Secondary MarketNo


Min. Investment€ 1
Loan Originators1
Loan Period3 - 18 months
Interest16% - 21%


  • Higher interest
  • Short to medium term loans
  • User-friendly platform
  • 5% fee for early withdrawals
  • Limited diversification
  • Low availability of loans

Monethera Review

Monethera is a new peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform from Estonia that has a focus on peer-to-business (P2B) loans. The platform offers investors the opportunity to invest in high-yielding loans from small- and medium-sized businesses with loan terms of up to 18 months and interest typically ranging between 16% and 22% per year. Keep reading our Monethera review to find out more about this new P2P platform.

monethera review

Monethera in Numbers

Monethera was created in 2017 as a private investment fund, and in 2019 it became a functional crowdfunding platform. Even though Monethera only recently launched their products, the platform was very open to providing us with their company statistics.

Monethera Statistics
Year founded:2019
Investor's earnings:+ €300,000
Total loan value:+ €5.4 M
Amount of investors:+2,500
Loss of investors' money:0%
Average portfolio size:€5,000
Latest financial reportNo report available

As you can see, Monethera currently has just over 2,500 registered users. As it currently stands, none of the investors on Monethera have lost any money. Since Monethera is a very new platform, however, this metric isn’t something you should prioritize. The financial report for 2019 should be publicly available in spring 2020.

Monethera is claiming that the average portfolio size is around €5,000. If this is true, it would be higher than on most other P2P lending platforms.

Monethera Promo Code

Monethera is one of the few P2P lending platforms that offers new investors a chance to earn a sign-up bonus.

Want your bonus? Simply sign up with our referral link. After using our referral link to register on Monethera, you’ll need to deposit at least €100 (in one transaction) to receive your €5 sign-up bonus. This bonus will be added to your Monethera account.

On top of the sign-up bonus, you’ll receive a timespan bonus of an additional 0.5% on all your investments during the first 180 days after registering. If you invest €5,000 during the first six months, you’ll also get a €25 cashback bonus.

The bonus is a nice add-on, however, it should not be your main reason to invest on Monethera. Always look into different aspects of a P2B lending platform before you invest any money on it.

Keep reading this Monethera review to learn more about the risk and returns connected to your investments on the platform.

Ready to redeem your bonus?

Monethera’s New User Requirements

Unlike many other European P2P lending platforms, Monethera accepts investors from all over the world, with the exception of the USA and China.

In order to sign up and use Monethera, you need to be over 18 years old, have a bank account in euros and successfully complete the KYC (know your customer) questionnaire.

During the verification process, you’ll need to upload a photo of your ID as well as your latest bank statement to prove your residential address.

The preferred way to deposit funds to your Monethera account is via bank transfer. But investors can also use money transfer services such as Transferwise or Paysera. In this case, you need to send proof of payment to Monethera so they can allocate your deposit from a shared IBAN with your investor’s account.

Update February 2020: Monethera suspended all incoming funds, which was caused due to the fact that a large number of investors use third-party money transfer services such as TransferWise. User's that do not indicate their actual bank account number have issues withdrawing their funds which causes delays and further verification of bank details with Monethera's bank. While Monethera is trying to assure its investors - the recent events within the P2P lending industry also had a negative impact on Monethera's reputation. 

Risk and Return

When investing in P2P loans with high-yields of 16% and more, you should be very cautious about the risks that are connected to those investments. Monethera offers to fund business loans from a variety of industries, ranging from real estate, transport, energy and production. You should always be cautious when a platform lists loans from a variety of industries.

You should know that, as an investor, you start receiving interest from the date the project is opened. Monethera does not accept any institutional co-founders. If the funding reaches at least 80% of the required target, the platform adds the missing amount.

Interest is usually paid on the first of every month, while the loan amount is repaid at the end of the loan period.

Monethera’s Due Diligence

Monethera outsources their due diligence to their partner SIA Doma Audits and then has in-house financial analysts who complete internal reviews.

Monethera isn’t the only platform that follows this business model. Crowdestor offers a very similar setup. Envestio also followed the same strategy until the platform vanished with €33 million from 15,000 investors.

Kuetzal even had to close down its operations due to insufficient due diligence among other issues.

Having the due diligence team in-house while focusing primarily on one industry is, in our opinion, a safer bet. This is how EstateGuru operates, however, of course, this comes at a price:the average interest for property-backed loans on EstateGuru is considerably less, at 11-12% per year.

If you want to earn more than 16% you will need to take a much higher risk.

Monethera’s Buyback Guarantee

Monethera offers two types of buyback guarantee which are similar to those offered by Crowdestor and Envestio.

1. Early Exits
When using this option, you can sell back your investment anytime for 95% of its actual value.
Things to note when considering this option:

  • A) the percentage Monethera takes for this buyback guarantee might vary depending on individual projects.
  • B) Investors can only use this buyback guarantee in projects within which they have at least €100 invested.
  • C) Investors keep the accrued interests from their sold investments on Monethera. This is not the case when selling investments on platforms like Fast Finance.

2. Buyback Fund
Monethera’s buyback fund (or reserve fund) pays 35% of the principal back to the investors in case the loan defaults. 65%, as well as the expected interest, will be released based on Monethera’s success to collect the debt. This can take up to 18 months.

We know what you’re thinking. Who backs this buyback guarantee? Most newly listed projects from December 2019 are backed by a private Hong Kong company called RICHLY PACIFIC INTERNATIONAL LIMITED. You can read more about it here.

monethera hongkong

We haven’t seen any other P2P lending platform offer a buyback guarantee that is provided by a third-party which isn’t a loan originator. This setup certainly does not increase the trust in Monethera.

Update January 2020: After the downturn of Envestio, Monethera decided to limit the option for early-withdrawals until the market stabilizes. That means that as of January 2020 investors won’t be able to withdraw their funds before the end of the loan term, as Monethera isn’t able to provide enough liquidity.

monethera buyback

Head down to our next section section for more information on why Monethera has changed this feature and be sure to check this Monethera review again for any updates on this situation.

Is Monethera Safe?

Our intentions when reviewing P2P lending platforms is increasing transparency within the P2P lending sector. One way to do this is by investigating platforms’ management.

Let’s have a look at Monethera’s management to see if there is anything we should be wary of.

CEO Andis Taubers

Monethera is led by CEO Andis Taubers. Andis has a vast background, with experience in various leadership roles. Before he joined Monethera more than three years ago, Andis was the CEO of a Czech company Capital Progress for a term of four years. Prior to this, Monethera’s CEO led the Estonian company Sofforus OÜ.

Unfortunately, there’s not much information available online about Andis’s previous two companies.

In fact, while we could verify Andis’s involvement with Capital Progress, we haven’t even been able to do the same for his involvement with Sofforus OÜ.

Investment Advisor Kristina Romanova

Investment Advisor Kristina Romanova joined Monethera more than two years ago. Before Monethera, Kristina worked as the Head of the Investment Department in Polish company Aurum Invest LLC as well as the CFO for Licon Sp. z.o.o.

We could verify Kristina’s involvement with Aurum Invest LLC but haven’t found any entries for Licon Sp. Also, on Monethera’s website, Kristina’s name is spelled differently to its spelling on her LinkedIn profile. Furthermore, Kristina’s profile pictures on LinkedIn is extremely different to her Monethera headshot.

Financial Analyst Viktors Mirosnicenko

Financial Analyst Viktors Mirosnicenko joined Monethera in March 2019. According to his LinkedIn profile, Viktors is also leading the company SIA Innovation System. There’s not much information available about the company besides its connection to the manufacturing of metal products.

We could not find Viktors’ name in the business registry entryabout the SIA Innovation Systems company.

We have not found any recent changes in management, however, Monethera was renamed back in March 2019. Before this time, the company operated under the name Bolfast UĂś.

Who Owns the Company?

Given CEO Andis’s mysterious background, we took it upon ourselves to check Andis’s involvement with Monethera. The platform did indeed confirm that Andis is the legal owner.

Before the company was renamed in March 2019, it was registered under Andrei Bogdanov. During our research, we didn’t find anything suspicious about these two names.

According to the Estonian business registry, there are at least two more companies registered to the same address at Monethera’s, which could make sense as the building has several floors. Also, the address on Monethera’s website matches the address in the registry.

Are there any Suspicious Terms & Conditions?

Most of the investors don’t read the Terms and Conditions, and don’t worry, we’re not expecting you to either. We’ve done the hard graft and sifted through this platform’s terms in order to find and discuss any potential red flags:

Monethera has distanced itself from any warranty about the information they share with its investors, see screenshot from company’s terms below:

monethera liability

We are aware that Monethera isn’t doing the due diligence in-house, however, they should take responsibility for the accuracy of the data they share with the investors. You can read more about it here.

Luckily, this is the only potential issue we spotted in Monethera’s terms.

Do investors have access to individual loan agreements?

Unfortunately, we haven’t found the option to view the assignment agreement before investing, which is certainly not helping the transparency of their operations.

To what extent can the platform cover the early buyback?

Monethera’s early buyback option is no more than a marketing copy. In fact, earlier this year, Monethera stopped the buyback feature as investors started to withdraw their funds due to the problems with Kuetzal and Envestio.

This is evidence that Monethera’s buyback feature clearly can’t cover the liquidity as initially promised. While the decision to temporarily disable the buyback feature makes sense from a business perspective, it has left many of the platform’s investors with a sour taste in their mouths.

In our latest dialogue with Monethera, the platform confirmed that they reserve the right to prolong the period they’ve disabled the feature for.

Are the loans secured by some collateral?

Apart from the buyback guarantee, provided by a third party, projects listed on Monethera usually also offer collateral such as commercial assets of the personal guarantee of the borrower.

Whether this can cover potential losses is questionable, as Monethera does not take responsibility for the data they publish on their website.

Monethera’s Usability

Aesthetically, Monethera has hit the nail on the head.

There is certainly the potential to improve the structure of their project descriptions; the wall of text isn’t very appealing to read. Although, we have to confess, it’s still better than Crowdestor’s standard project descriptions.

monethera project description

In your investor’s dashboard, you can view your investments that are currently active as well as your transaction statements.

Monethera’s Features

Besides the visually appealing design, Monethera does not offer any distinctive features that can’t be found on other platforms.

Looking for an Auto Invest feature? You won’t find one here. But, for Monethera, an Auto Invest tool wouldn’t be very useful as there aren’t many projects to choose from. At this point in the platform’s development, we’d recommend that investors access each project and invest manually.

Liquidity Rates on Monethera

Liquidity is becoming an increasingly more important factor for fellow P2P investors. Let’s have a look at how fast you can withdraw your money from Monethera.

Monethera’s Buyback Guarantee

Monethera does not offer a secondary market, although they do plan to in the future. The only way you can withdraw your invested money is by activating the buyback guarantee, and Monethera will charge you a percentage of your investments (around 5%) for activating this option. You will find the exact amount you’ll be charged in the project’s description.

Monethera’s buyback guarantee has the same structure as that offered by Envestio before the platform shut down. If you want to avoid the 5% fee, you’ll need to wait for up to 12 months, until the borrower has repaid its debt back to the platform. Most of the loans on Monethera have a duration of two to 12 months.

As we have mentioned already, Monethera has temporarily disabled their buyback guarantee feature. We will update our Monethera review when the platform enables the buyback guarantee again.

There aren’t many P2P lending platforms that list business loans and offer a free early withdrawal. The cheapest buyback option is offered by EstateGuru, and you only have to pay 2% to sell your investments on the secondary market.

If liquidity is important to you, we suggest looking at Mintos’ Invest and Access or Bondora’s Go and Grow which offer almost instant liquidity. Note, however, that on those platforms you are funding unsecured personal loans as opposed to business and real estate loans.

Monethera’s Customer Support

Monethera does not offer live chat support, however, you can reach them via their contact form or by sending an email with your questions to Their support is responsive, however, it’s not the fastest. On several occasions we’ve had to wait for days to receive a reply to our queries.

If you don’t want to wait for your answers, we suggest having a look at Monethera’s FAQ section, as there is a chance that you will find your answers there.

Monethera Review Summary

Monethera is a new and promising P2P lending platform with a focus on P2B loans. If you have ever invested in P2B loans on other platforms, you might have noticed insufficient transparency and a lack of communication by the platform.

Monethera aims to improve its reputation for said transparency issues within the P2B lending space.

Even though the average interest of more than 18% per year is very appealing, you should keep that higher risk in mind. Insufficient information about the loan securities as well as the risk that comes with investing in business ideas does not help to increase the safety of your investment.

We believe that Monethera could be potentially a good secondary P2B lending platform, suitable for investors that can bear the higher risk in exchange for higher returns.

You should never invest any money in P2P loans, that you can’t afford to lose.

If you are already investing on other platforms and want to diversify your investment, Monethera could be a good option for you.

Higher average interest and interesting sign-up bonuses are only two reasons that make this platform worth a try.

Does that sound good to you?


Does Monethera offer a buyback scheme?

Monethera offers two types of buyback guarantee. You can activate the buyback guarantee at any time before the end of the loan term for a 5% fee. If a loan changes the status to default, you will receive 35% of the invested amount immediately and the remaining amount as soon as Monethera collects the debt.

What’s the Monethera promo code?

You don’t need to use a promo code to receive the €5 sign-up bonus. Simply sign up with our referral link and deposit at least €100. Additionally, you will also receive a timespan bonus of 0.5% for the duration of the first 180 days.

Should I invest in P2P loans on Monethera?

If you don’t mind investing in riskier loans from the small businesses in the Baltics, Monethera might be a good option for you. The platform can also help you diversify your P2P portfolio.

How is my investment secured?

Your investment on Monethera is secured by personal guarantees, business collateral and a buyback guarantee.

Company Information
Company:Monethera Group OU
Address:Harjumaa, Roseni tn 13, 10111 Tallinn, Estonia
Live Chat:No
Opening Hours:Weekdays from 10AM to 6PM
Social Media:Facebook, Twitter