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Monefit Review

Last update | 30. December 2022

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    Table of contents

Table of contents

Monefit SmartSaver Review

Moneyfit SmartSaver is an investment product developed by Creditstar and supported by Lendermarket. This tool promises a 7% interest per year and almost immediate liquidity. In this Monefit review, we will dive deeper into the platform so you can decide whether an investment on Monefit is worth it.


  • Easy to use
  • Fixed return
  • Loans from an audited finance group
  • Higher liquidity


  • No securities
  • No transparency
  • €50 minimum withdrawal amount

Moneyfit Bonus

If you decide to test Monefit, you can use our link to get a 2% cashback bonus on your deposits in the first 60 days from your registration.

Monefit User Requirements

To be able to deposit funds on Monefit, you have to create an account, insert your personal information and verify your identity.

It's worth pointing out that Monefit is only available for EEA and Swiss residents who are at least 18 years old and own a bank account. Monefit offers accounts for legal entities as well.

There are no withdrawal fees, but the minimum withdrawal amount is capped at €50. If you have less than that in your account, you can withdraw the entire amount.

To deposit money to your account, you will have to transfer funds to Lendermarket, which will allocate your transfer and add the amount to your Monefit account. You will find all the payment details in a dedicated section in your dashboard.

Please note that account top-ups are available in euros only. You can transfer as little as €10 and as much as €50,000. Monefit SmartSaver doesn't allow higher amounts as €50,000 per user and account.

Risk and Return

Depositing money on Monefit isn't risk-free. This platform is not a traditional P2P lending platform nor a marketplace. It's a tool that is supposed to provide additional funding to Creditstar.

Credistar Group may use those funds to fund their loan portfolios in various markets or fund other ventures. On Monefit's website, you can read that the funds will be used to fund consumer loans issued in Europe. How exactly your deposits will be used is unclear.

Creditstar's Loans

Credistar Group is a well-established and audited lending group in Europe, lending money to European borrowers. The lender is active in Spain, the UK, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic, Estonia, and Finland.

While Credistar reported a profit in its audited annual report for 2021, the lender's approach to fulfilling its obligation towards investors is more than "flexible".

Credistar is also funding its loans through Mintos and Lendermarket. Investors who used those platforms experienced significant payment delays, where Credistar refused to pay back investors as they lacked the liquidity needed to fund its loans.

Matured investments on Mintos were moved into "pending payments," and investments on Lendermarket were extended.

This increased the risk for investors and significantly impacted their liquidity.

While both P2P lending marketplaces promote Credistar's loans with the highest rates, investors aren't happy with the lender's approach and the nonfulfillment of the buyback guarantee, which the lender promised on Mintos as well as on Lendermarket.

The reason for Creditstar's "liquidity issues" might have been the lender's aggressive lending practices and the unexpected volatility in funding.

To generate more profit, the lender has to issue more loans and get more funding. This might be the motivation why the financial group decided to launch yet another "funding source" - Monefit SmartSaver.

Monefit SmartSaver is a simple product that shall provide additional funding to Credistar. The product promises a 7% APY with a high level of liquidity.

Investors should be informed that there is no transparency about how the deposits will be used, nor are those deposits backed by any buyback or group guarantee. The goal is to market this product as an alternative to Bondora's Go & Grow account.

Yield on Monefit SmartSaver

The investment site promotes a 7% interest rate per year, which will be added to your account on the 10th of every month. The platform also offers a 2% cashback bonus for newly registered users.

This yield is "fixed" for the time being. It's unclear whether the platform will amend the interest rate in the future.

We believe this will depend on the market conditions and the demand from investors.

Investors should be aware, however, that the 7% APY isn't a guaranteed rate and that the platform is actually not guaranteeing any specific returns at all, as you can learn in its terms and conditions.

By investing your money on Monefit SmartSaver, you essentially agree to invest in a company that doesn't provide insights into its loan book performance, nor does it honor the obligations towards investors on platforms like Lendermarket or Mintos.

Is Monefit SmartSaver Safe?

Investing money into a black-box is never a safe practice. Despite Creditstar being a regulated and audited company, it doesn't mean that investments in unsecured loans are safe investments.

Who leads the team?

The website is operated by Credistar. According to our knowledge, Kashyap Shah is the Chief Product Officer, in charge of the development of Monefit.

Who owns Monefit?

Monefit is owned by the Credistar Group, whose beneficial owner is Aaro Sosaar. Creditstar Group is regulated in local jurisdictions and audited by KPMG.

Are there any suspicious Terms and Conditions?

Before you create an account, we highly encourage you to study the terms of use so you are fully aware of your rights before depositing money.

7.8 No Specific Return

Monefit SmartSaver is very clear about the fact that the website isn't promising or providing a guarantee for a return. When depositing money on Monefit, you are are waiving any claims against Monefit Card, the company that is legally behind the website.

monefit smartsaver

8.3 Restricting access to your account

It's important to highlight that Monefit can restrict access to your account at its own discretion.

monefit review term

16.3 Liability waiver

If you decide to deposit your money through Monefit Smartsaver, based on the promoted terms and conditions, you should know that Monefit Smartsaver isn't liable for any damage or losses.

monefit p2p

12.5.3 Distribution of information about SmartSaver is forbidden

If you decide to share any information about Monefit SmartSaver that you gathered on their website, you can't do so without written consent from Monefit Card (the legal entity behind Monefit SmartSaver).



The platform may change its terms and conditions by notifying you four weeks in advance.

You can review the full document here.


  • The lending group isn't honoring the repayment terms nor the buyback obligation on other P2P lending marketplaces

What's our Opinion of Monefit?

The terms and conditions of the platform don't give you many rights. Some clauses are rather absurd (in comparison to some T&C by other platforms), which also used to be the case with Lendermarket's T&Cs when the platform launched in 2019.

The product itself could be interesting if the platform would give insights into the allocation of funds or at least provide some guarantees. Investors don't get either.

A 7% interest rate for investments in unsecured consumer and short-term loans with high liquidity might not be the best risk and return ratio.

The liquidity aspect and simplicity are the two main value propositions that may convince some investors to join Monefit and earn the advertised yield, which is not guaranteed.

The platform promotes a withdrawal time of up to ten days. Bondora's Go & Grow account processes withdrawals within seconds (for smaller amounts). Even P2P lending platforms such as  Esketit and  Robocash will likely allow you to withdraw a significant portion of your portfolio within ten days, should you choose to use the secondary market.

Only time will tell whether the promised return and liquidity will be sufficient to acquire investors. However, we would not be surprised if Monefit SmartSaver decides to somehow block users' funds, as it's the case on  Mintos or  Lendermarket (through loan extensions).


Monefit SmartSaver is extremely easy to use. After you have created your account and verified your identity, you can deposit funds to the platform.

There is no further action required from your end. The website offers a basic dashboard to get a quick overview of the deposited amount and the interest rate.

Additionally, you can also access account statements, which is an excellent tool to get insights into your interest payments.

The platform doesn't withhold any taxes from you. You have to report your earnings to your local tax authority.


Monefit promises to process withdrawals within ten days. Additionally, payments can be delayed by one to three business days, depending on the time of your withdrawal request, bank holidays, and the bank receiving the funds.

It's likely expected that most payments will be processed within one day. We have, however, not tested this feature.


As Lendermarket is providing support for this platform, you can expect the same quality of answers. The platform does offer a basic FAQ page, where you will be able to learn more about the service. Additionally, you can use Live Char or their email to reach out with concrete questions.

Monefit Review Summary

Monefit SmartSaver is a newly launched platform that aims to attract investors looking for a stable yield without the need to manage various strategies or deal with more complex features. If you are looking for an investment product with high liquidity, Monefit could be an option to consider.

Main takeaways from our Monefit review:

  • lower return with higher liquidity
  • no fees
  • no track record
  • extremely easy to use

Does Monefit tick your boxes? Sign up, get a 2% bonus and earn 7% APY.



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