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Crowdpear Review

Updated | 15. June 2024

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Available for EU residents
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Earn on average (Per Year) 11.29%


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  • Invest in vetted business loans

  • Backed by a professional team

  • Powered by PeerBerry

  • Regulated platform

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Min. Investment 100
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Loan Period in Months12 - 18
Loan TypeReal Estate
Interest8% - 11%



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Investors' earnings:

€ 352.190

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Outstanding portfolio:

€ 8M

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Average portfolio size:

€ 1.162

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    Table of contents

Table of contents

Crowdpear Review Summary

Crowdpear is a regulated Lithuanian crowdlending platform that offers investments in well-performing mortgage-backed loans. The crowdfunding site offers a higher level of protection while providing exciting yields of more than 10% per year. 

Main takeaways from our Crowdpear review:

  • Operated by an experienced team
  • Investments in secured real estate loans from Lithuania
  • Limited diversification and liquidity
  • Excellent loan performance
  • Powered by PeerBerry

If you are looking for a reliable platform to diversify your investments further and don't mind committing funds for at least 12 months, Crowdpear can be a good option.

Are you ready to earn passive income?

What Is Crowdpear

Crowdpear is a regulated Lithuanian crowdfunding platform that enables you to earn 10.5% interest on your investments in secured business loans. The minimum investment per loan is just €100, and the interest will be added to your account once per quarter. Is Crowdpear a good fit for you? Let's find out in our Crowdpear review.

crowdpear review


  • Regulated crowdfunding platform
  • No cash drag
  • Mortgage-backed investments
  • Min. investment from €100
  • Conservative approach to risk assessment
  • Option to invest as a company


  • Slightly more bureaucratic onboarding process
  • Limited diversification
  • No secondary market yet
  • Low availability of loans

Our Opinion Of Crowdpear

Crowdpear is a newly launched regulated crowdfunding platform offering very competitive yields and is run by an experienced and trustworthy team.

The portfolio's performance on Crowdpear has been excellent so far, so the platform has excellent potential to become a worthy competitor to EstateGuru and other platforms in the crowdfunding space.

The real estate loans in Lithuania are all backed by a first-rank mortgage, which gives investors additional protection.

While there is still plenty of room for improvement, Crowdpear offers a good alternative for those experiencing cash drag on other platforms and looking for a better option to keep their money invested.

The loan availability on Crowdpear has been increasing for the past few months, meaning investors can deploy more funds without facing any cash drag. We have been investing on Crowdpear since early 2013, and our experience has been excellent so far. Our investments pay interest on time, and there have been no delays. 

crowdpear review

If you don't want to miss out on attractive and reliable returns, Crowdpear should undoubtedly be on your radar! You can use our P2P lending calculator to calculate the expected return from your investments on Crowdpear. To fine-tune your calculation, use our compound interest calculator.

Crowdpear Bonus

Sign up with our link on Crowdpear and invest to receive a 0.5% bonus of your invested capital within 90 days after your registration.

Crowdpear Loyalty Bonus

In addition to your investment bonus, you will receive additional rewards if your portfolio reaches €10,000 (+0.5%); €25,000 (+0.75%); and €40,000 (+1%).

crowdpear loyalty bonus

Logically, you have to invest money to get a higher interest rate.

The loyalty bonus won't be added to your account if your funds aren't invested.

Please be informed that you can join the loyalty program only after being registered on Crowdpear for at least 90 days.

Crowdpear Requirements

To earn passive income by investing on Crowdpear, you must fulfill the following requirements.

  • be at least 18 years old
  • reside in the EU or EEA
  • pass the AML and KYC questionnaire (multiple choice)
  • verify your identity
  • declare your tax residency
  • your country of residence cannot be listed on the FATF list

The entire sign-up process can be done within five minutes. The verification happens through your smartphone, so ensure your phone is closed when verifying your identity.

Crowdpear supports registrations of natural persons as well as companies.

If you are risk-conscious, we highly recommend activating the 2FA to protect your account.

Crowdpear and Taxes

As a regulated crowdfunding platform, Crowdpear must deduct a 15% tax from your earnings if you are a non-Lithuanian tax resident. Those taxes will be automatically transferred to the State Tax Inspectorate of Lithuania.

If your country has a double tax treaty with Lithuania, you can reduce the withholding tax by submitting a DAS-1 form, which has to be signed by you and verified by the tax authority in your country.

It's recommended to submit this document before your first investment. This certificate shall be provided in the calendar year. 

Crowdpear doesn't deduct taxes from non-Lithuanian companies registered in the European Economic Area. The company is responsible for paying applicable taxes according to the country's legislation where the company is registered.

Risk & Return

Investing in any type of loan is not risk-free. On Crowdpear, you can currently invest in Lithuanian real estate loans backed by a first-rank mortgage.

On Crowdpear, you are earning interest when you invest in a loan, not when the loan is fully funded.

This is a unique benefit that most other crowdfunding platforms don't offer, as it increases your return on the platform.

The LTV of the currently listed loans is around 60% and can be increased to 80% in future stages.

crowdpear uab

Stage Loans

Many development projects are often funded in stages, which allow the borrower to obtain funding when needed.

Investing in multiple-stage loans from one borrower increases your investment risk, as "diversification" is not considered in this scenario.

Should the borrower have trouble repaying one stage, it will likely have issues with other stages. Therefore, experienced investors avoid investments in multiple-stage loans to decrease the borrower risk.

Secured Investments

Crowdpear is currently offering only mortgage-backed loans. Every project has a dedicated description and an appraisal report for the provided collateral.

It's always recommended to verify the information in the project overview with the appraisal report's data before you invest your money into a specific project.

crowdpear project

In addition to the appraisal report, you are informed about specific risks associated with investing in a real estate project.

The platform currently offers a 10.5% yield on your investments. If you decide to commit more funds, you will be able to benefit from the loyalty program and boost your return to up to 11.5% per year.

This is an excellent yield in the current market environment.

Note that Crowdpear is offering bullet loans, which means that the principal will be returned at the end of the loan term, whereas the interest will be added quarterly to your Crowdpear account.

Is Crowdpear Safe?

Crowdpear is a newly launched crowdfunding platform regulated by the Central Bank of Lithuania.

Who Owns The Platform?

Here you can find more information about Crowdpear's shareholding structure:

Vytautas Stražnickas (50%)

Vytautas Olšauskas (25%)

Ivan Butov (25%)

The Central Bank of Lithuania has approved all shareholders.

Who Leads The Platform?

The CEO of Crowdpear is Vytautas Olsauskas, also a shareholder of PeerBerry. Arunas Lekavicius is listed as the Chief Business Development Officer to help lead the platform in the right direction.

The support for Crowdpear is provided by the team behind PeerBerry, one of the most popular and reliable P2P lending platforms in Europe.

Are There Any Suspicious Terms And Conditions?

We are currently analyzing the terms and conditions. Our findings will be published soon.

Potential Red Flags

Currently, we aren't aware of any potential red flags


Crowdpear offers a fundamental user interface with essential details. If you have some experience with crowdfunding platforms, you will have no issues with the navigation on Crowdpear, as all the important information can be accessed almost instantly.

The platform offers a very user-friendly primary market where you can review the currently available loans and make your investment.

An auto invest isn't available yet as the volume of loans is still relatively low. If the number of projects increases, investors will likely expect to have the option to automate their investments.

Crowdpear offers transaction and tax statements, which are handy if you want a quick insight into the performance of your investments in a specific period.

The platform currently doesn't support individual IBAN accounts, making it easier for investors to deposit and withdraw funds as no additional verification is needed with another payment provider.

You can deposit your funds to Crowdpear's bank account with your payment details so that the platform can allocate your deposit.


The liquidity on Crowdpear is limited as all the listed loans come with a 12-month loan term. The platform has, however, recently activated its secondary market, where you can buy or sell your investments before the loan is repaid. 

The sale of your investment is very intuitive. Navigate to "My Investments" in the left menu, and click on the cart icon next to the investment you wish to sell and confirm your listing on the secondary market. 

crowdpear secondary market

Crowdpear applies a 2% seller fee. There are no fees for buyers.

Your listing on the secondary market is valid for 14 days. Crowdpear allows you to sell your investments with up to a 25% discount. 

Remember that you can only sell the entire investment into one loan. If you invest higher amounts into a single loan, other investors might not want to purchase your investment. 

Crowdpear's secondary market increases your liquidity. 


The support on Crowdpear is handled by the team behind PeerBerry, which offers some of the best customer support in the industry. If you haven't found the answer to your questions on Crowdpear's FAQ section, contact Crowdpear at The response time is typically within a few minutes during business hours.

Crowdpear Alternatives

The number of newly listed projects on Crowdpear is limited as the platform's management takes a more conservative approach to growth. Building a fully diversified portfolio on Crowdpear might take several months, so you might want to consider some suitable alternatives. 


LANDE is one of Latvia's most popular crowdfunding platforms, enabling investors to earn around 11% interest annually by investing in secured agricultural loans. Your investments in LANDE is backed by crop, insurance, and often other types of collateral.

LANDE is one of the most transparent platforms in the industry, with an excellent track record and a dedicated statistics page where you can learn more about the performance of LANDE's portfolio. Learn more about LANDE in our LANDE review.

Heavy Finance

Heavy Finance is based just 20 minutes from Crowdpear's headquarters in Vilnius, Lithuania. The platform offers a similar product to LANDE, but the loans are backed by heavy machinery instead of the crop.

Like Crowdpear, Heavy Finance is regulated by the Central Bank of Lithuania, lowering the platform risk for investors. Heavy Finance is a suitable alternative to Crowdpear as you are investing in a different loan type - agricultural loans.

Your money is used to fund the production of food. In return, you can expect an 11% yield on your investment. To learn more about this platform, read our Heavy Finance review.


InRento is a unique platform that enables investors to invest in buy-to-let projects. You can earn yield directly from a particular apartment's rent. For specific projects, you can also have a capital gain when the unit is sold.

A first-rank mortgage backs all the loans on InRento. Based on past performance, InRento's projects in Lithuania are some of the lowest-risk investments in the P2P lending industry. Learn more about InRento in our InRento review.


Jakub Krejci




Jakub Krejci, the founder of P2P Empire, brings six years of expertise in navigating and investing across diverse P2P lending platforms. Drawing insights from over 50 interviews with industry CEOs and founders, Jakub offers a unique perspective in the peer-to-peer lending realm. Renowned for his high-quality reporting and regular updates, Jakub stands as a trusted authority for individuals navigating the dynamic P2P investment landscape.

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What is Crowdpear?

Crowdpear is a regulated crowdfunding platform from Lithuania, listing attractive investment opportunities in loans from legitimate lending companies.

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When will Crowdpear start listing loans?

Crowdpear started listing loans in January 2023. The platform currently has several projects in the pipeline for the upcoming weeks.

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How are loans on Crowdpear secured?

Loans on Crowdpear will be initially backed by a mortgage. Loans offered by lending partners Litelektra, SIB Group, Lithome or Aventus Group (Real Estate) may be offered with the buyback and a group guarantee for Aventus Real Estate and Litelektra.


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  • Crowdpear, UAB
  • Legal Address:
  • Business Centre ELEVEN, Kareiviu str. 11B, LT-09109 Vilnius, Lithuania
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  • Business Centre ELEVEN, Kareiviu str. 11B, LT-09109 Vilnius, Lithuania
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