Robocash Review - Is Robocash Safe?

Last update | 31. May 2022

Earn on average 11.61% interest per year.
Your investment is secured by  a buyback guarantee.

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  • Invest in short-term loans
  • Intuitive platform
  • Automated investments
  • 30 day buyback guarantee
Risk & Return
Buyback GuaranteeYes
Auto InvestYes
Secondary MarketYes
Min. Investment 1
Loan Originators5
Loan TypeShort-Term
Loan Period in Months1 - 24
Interest10% - 13%
  • 30-day buyback guarantee
  • 1% cashback bonus
  • Stable returns
  • Limited diversification
  • No manual investments
  • Slightly outdated design
Risk & Return
Due Diligence


26 May 2022  

Robocash managed to attract 2,000 new investors in Q1 2022. All active investors have earned €1.3 M in earnings during the first quarter. In total, the platform funded €400 M worth of loans.

11 May 2022  

Robocash Group published its audited financial report for 2021. Key facts: Auditor FBK Grant Thornton, Net profit $29.5M, Total equity $66.8M, Revenue $325.3M, Assets: $177M, Debt $110M

21 Apr 2022  

Robocash Group publishes key financials for Q1 2022: Issued loans: 266.3 M USD, Revenue: 94.6 M, Net Profit: 1.5 M USD


Year founded:


Number of investors:


Investors' earnings:

€ 6M

Average portfolio size:

€ 3.817

Total invested:

€ 375M

Loss of investors' money:

Not available

Funds in recovery:

€ 0

Robocash Review

Robocash is a (peer-to-peer) P2P lending platform registered in Croatia. The platform’s primary focus is to fund short-term loans secured by its 30-day buyback guarantee and an annual yield of up to 13%. Robocash was founded in 2017 and since then it has paid out more than €6 M to more than 23,000 investors. Is Robocash safe? Find out more about this platform in our Robocash review.

robocash review

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Do you prefer to watch a video? Here is all you need to know about Robocash.

Robocash in Numbers

The difference between Robocash and other P2P platforms is that you can invest in loans from other markets.

Currently, you can invest in loans from Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Spain, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines. Additionally, Robocash funds loans only from the Robocash Group. The group has reached profits of around $38 M in 2021.

As you can see, the availability of loans is subject to market conditions. Robocash is funding many of its lending companies from its own balance sheet. This means that not every lender under the Robocash Group is listing its loans on the Robocash investment platform.

robocash review

Most of the loan book listed on the platform consists of loans from Kazakhstan. As part of our Robocash review, we have also recorded a podcast episode with the Chief of Operation in Kazakhstan, in which we have covered the lending practices of Robocash in this market.

What's worth mentioning is also the fact that Robocash as a platform isn’t as big as P2P marketplaces such as Mintos or PeerBerry, which also list short-term personal loans. This does not mean that Robocash is not good enough, right the opposite. The platform is very transparent and so far none of the investors have ever lost money on Robocash.

Robocash Referral Code

Many P2P lending platforms offer a sign-up bonus, special promos, or cashback for new investors.

With our unique partner link, you will be able to get a 1% cashback bonus on your investments on Robocash within the first 30 days after your registration.

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There is no need to type in any Robocash Referral Code in order to increase your return by 1% during the first 30 days after your registration. Simply sign up with our referral code to claim your bonus.

If you invest €30,000, you will get €300 for free after 30 days.

Robocash's Loyalty Bonus

All investors of have an opportunity to earn up to 1.3% in addition to the existing rate of 12.3%. You will receive 0.3%, 0.5%, 0.7%,1% and 1.3% to the basic interest rate when your total portfolio balance reaches €5,000, €10,000, €15,000, €25,000 and €50,000 accordingly.

robocash loyalty bonus

Get up to 13.6% interest on Robocash

New User Requirements

To be able to invest on Robocash you'll need to meet the following requirements:

  1. Be over 18 years old
  2. Have a European bank account in your name
  3. Reside within Europe

No EUR bank account? No problem

  • 💳
  • 💳

If you don’t have a bank account in euros, your deposit will be exchanged for euros for the current exchange rate. Please make sure that you send your money from your Wise EUR account in order for Robocash to accept it. 

Risk and Returns

When investing in P2P lending, you want to make sure your investment is protected. In order to do this, you need to evaluate the ratio between the risks and the returns.

So, let’s have a look at the risks and returns in order to see if Robocash is the right platform for you.

As with most P2P lending platforms that list microloans, Robocash also offers a buyback guarantee.

Robocash’s Buyback Guarantee

The buyback guarantee on Robocash is different from many other P2P lending platforms. While platforms like Mintos and PeerBerry offer a 60-day buyback guarantee, Robocash’s period is only 30 days.

This means that you don’t have to wait two months until the buyback guarantee gets activated to receive your money back.

Another benefit of this feature is that the loan originator pays back the outstanding amount and the interest for the delayed period.

This is pretty exceptional - most loan originators on Mintos don’t fork out for both.

This means that your money on Robocash is continuously earning interest, even though the borrower is late with its payments.

Robocash Interest Rates

Robocash has also recently updated its product line. The P2P platform now offers interest rates that are dependent on the loan period of your investment.

As of right now, Robocash has increased the interest rates by up to 13% per year.

robocash review

Is Robocash Safe?

Many P2P investors often ask whether their investment on a specific platform is safe.

In 2020, several seemingly legitimate platforms ceased their operations. Investors lost millions of euros.

There is no guarantee that this cannot happen with any platform.

However, you can increase the chances of making the right investment decision by conducting due diligence about the platform you plan to invest on.

Let’s have a look at our background check of Robocash.

Who Runs the Company?

Sergey Sedov runs the Robocash investment platform. He is also the founder and CEO of the parent company, Robocash Group.

Sergey founded the Robocash Group in Russia back in 2013. The Robocash Group provides alternative consumer lending in Europe and Asia. Currently, there are 10 companies operated by the Robocash Group.

Sergey has over 16 years of experience in business management, marketplace lending, and real estate. According to his LinkedIn profile, Sergey co-founded his first lending company FinTerra back in 2010. Since then, the revenue of his businesses grew exponentially. Sergey also holds a PH.D. in Economics from the Institute of Economics of the Russian Academy of Science.

Who is the Company’s Legal Owner?

Sergey is the legal owner of seven companies within the Robocash Group, including the Robocash Investment Robot, where you can invest in consumer loans, originated by Robocash’s loan originators.

Ready to get personal with Robocash? Watch our latest P2P talk to get a better impression of the Robocash Group.

Are There Any Suspicious Terms and Conditions?

To decrease the chance of fraudulent behaviors, we always read through the terms and conditions. We look mainly at the following clauses:

  • Are the user’s funds segregated from the company’s funds?
  • Does the platform inform the users about changes in T&C in advance?
  • Are there any other T&C worth mentioning

Let’s have a look at what we have found in Robocash’s T&C.

Clause 4.9 - Storage of Your Funds

In section 4.9, Robocash informs you that all your funds are held in a bank account separated from Robocash’s property. It’s also worth noting that you won’t earn any interest if you do not invest your funds.

robocash review

This clause gives you a good legal ground in case the platform decides to disable withdrawals or introduce limits to withdrawing and depositing funds. However, a dedicated IBAN account like you get on NEO Finance would increase the safety of your funds even more.

Robocash is currently using the 3 S Money payment provider to process your deposits and withdrawals. It's important to note that while Robocash has ties to its operations in Russia, investors' funds don't transact through this country as they are directly transferred to Robocash's headquarters in Singapore.

Clause 14.5 - Amendments

In section 14.5, you learn that Robocash reserves the right to change T&C with prior notice of 60 days.

robocash review

This is great news as many P2P platforms don't notify the user before they change the terms and conditions.

Do Investors Have Access to Individual Loan Agreements?

While most investors don’t pay attention to the assignment agreements, it gives you a good legal ground in the worst-case scenario, where the platform goes out of business.

robocash review

You can download all of the assignment agreements under My investments → Investment number. All agreements are available as Microsoft Word Documents rather than PDF files.

Robocash also offers you the option to download the entire loan book.

Potential Red Flags

We are currently not aware of any red flags.

Learn more about possible red flags here.

What's our opinion of Robocash?

Our background check of Robocash’s management and their terms and conditions did not yield many suspicions, which increased our trust in Robocash’s investment platform.

We have joined Robocash first in 2018 and invested money to test the platform. We were quite happy with the performance and increased our stake significantly in 2021.

While we have encountered some cash drag back in 2019, this issue has been resolved and there are no reports of investors facing any cash drag in the past two years.

Our portfolio on Robocash is currently more than €11,000.  with an annual yield of 11.71%.

We believe that Robocash is a legit platform. The platform regularly shares the consolidated audited annual report for the Robocash Group which highlights the impressive performance and growth of their lending business in various markets.

Here is a sneak peek into our portfolio on Robocash as well into our Auto Invest settings.

robocash review

Robocash's Usability

Robocash is very easy to navigate, and even if you are just starting out with P2P lending, you won’t have a problem getting around.

Auto Invest

Robocash doesn’t allow you to invest manually.

You need to deposit your money and set up your Auto Invest before investing in loans.

The minimum investment amount per loan is only €1 which makes it much easier to diversify your portfolio than is the case on platforms like EstateGuru or Crowdestor, where the minimum investment is €50 per project.

What you should keep in mind, however, is the availability of loans from individual lenders.

Here's a quick overview of the loan book from January 2022:

  • Tez Finance Kazakhstan - 45%
  • RC Riga Singapore - 22.9%
  • Préstamer Spain - 22%
  • RC Riga Vietnam - 0.8%
  • UnaPay Philippines - 8.9%

Robocash has also recently added loans from Sri Lanka.

In your portfolio settings, you can define which loans you prefer to invest in.

Robocash’s Auto Invest allows you to define your:

  1. portfolio size
  2. minimum and maximum investment amount
  3. interest rate
  4. investment period
  5. loan originator
robocash review

Our Robocash Auto Invest portfolio allows us to invest in all lending companies that list loans with a loan duration of up to 400 days. We are currently only invested in loans from Singapore. We have also extended our investment term to increase the return of our portfolio on Robocash.

Commercial Loans From Singapore

Experienced investors have likely noticed that Robocash's loans from Singapore are never delayed. The reason for this is the loan type. By investing in Robocash's commercial loans in Singapore, you are investing in Robocash's development in South East Asia. You are basically lending money directly to Robocash instead of funding borrowers' loans. The money is partially used to fund Robocash's loan book in India and Vietnam as well as the development of the digital bank in the Philippines.


Liquidity is another factor that you probably don’t think about, but, it’s really important.

We never know when there will be a financial downturn or other investment opportunities you’re going to be interested in, but one thing we do know is that you’ll want to have quick access to your capital when these times occur.

Robocash offers a secondary market for all of its investments, meaning that you can sell your investments and exit the platform within a few days.

Investing on P2P marketplaces or P2P lending site that fund short-term loans make your investments more accessible.

Robocash managed to fulfill the obligation and there are no reports of investors who had any bad experience with Robocash's liquidity. There are no pending payments, suspended lenders, or funds in recovery that you would need to pay attention to.

Robocash was also one of the platforms that did not struggle during the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020. The group has made over $20 M in profits last year while fulfilling all obligations towards investors. In 2021, the finance group made a profit of $38 M and even in 2022 the platform still manages to fulfill its obligation towards investors despite the economical challenges caused by the conflict in Ukraine.

Robocash’s Customer Support

The customer support is quite responsive.

Any queries we’ve had have been answered within 48 hours. You can get in touch with them via email ( or give them a call on +385 1344-58-18. You can also fill out their contact form and the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Even though Robocash is a small P2P platform registered in Croatia, the platform does provide decent support most of the time.

The best way to connect is to use Robocash's Live Chat function directly on the website.

Robocash Review Summary

Robocash is a solid P2P lending platform that's very easy to use. The P2P lending site regularly reports about the performance of their portfolio, which improved our experience with Robocash. If you are looking for a stable return of more than 11% per year, Robocash is the right fit for you.

Key Takeaways from our Robocash Review:

  • Easy-to-use platform
  • 30-day-buyback guarantee
  • Backed by a profitable finance group
  • Limited diversification

Robocash is currently listing loans with an interest of up to 13% which makes any investment on Robocash very attractive. Sign up now and start earning money.

Ready to invest on Robocash?


What should I be looking out for when investing in Asia?

Risk assessment of loans in Asia might be a challenge for European loan originators. Our main piece of advice would be to always check their annual financial reports to get an idea of whether the loan originator is profitable. The Robocash Group was profitable in recent years as you can see in their latest report.

Does the buyback guarantee cover interest payments?

Yes, the loan originator will repurchase your claim against the borrower in full amount, including the delayed interest payment.

What’s the minimum investment amount on Robocash?

The minimum investment amount is only €10.

Is Robocash a good P2P lending platform?

Robocash is a solid P2P lending platform backed by an established lending company. You should, however, evaluate whether investing in loans from Kazakhstan, Spain or Singapore fits your investment strategy.

Company Information


Robocash d.o.o


Radnička cesta 80, Zagreb, Croatia, 10000


+ 385 1344 58 18


Live Chat:


Opening Hours:

Weekdays from 9AM to 5PM

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