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For readers:  If you have had a bad experience with a platform or noticed several red flags that aren't mentioned in our reviews, please send us an email with a detailed description of your case and evidence supporting your claims. We are open to adding new information from our readers and improving the quality of our reviews.

For companies: We don't accept money for promotion or additional exposure on our website. Suppose you wish to feature your company among the listed P2P platforms. In that case, you have to provide a detailed description of your company's business model, operate for at least 12 months and schedule a call between P2P Empire and the founder or CEO of your company.


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P2P Empire (we) is not offering financial services or professional investment advice. We are not a P2P lending platform, bank, or financial institution. P2P Empire is testing and comparing different P2P Lending platforms to save our readers’ time and money.

P2P Empire is not responsible for false information about offers and interest rates. Note that there is no guarantee for a return when investing in P2P loans. All the interest presented on P2P Empire is solely representative (average).

Our content should be used for informative purposes only. Always verify the terms and conditions and user and investment agreements before signing up with a P2P platform. We are not responsible for any loss of capital or damage that might result from an investor’s investment strategy.

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