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calendar icon28. March 2023  

Mintos removed the "funds in recovery updates" page

The P2P lending marketplace removed the page where investors could review the progress of recovered funds and the portfolio's expected loss. According to the latest data from Q2/2022, Mintos' expected loss of funds increased to €66 million. Currently, investors are able to access only information related to their investments.

calendar icon24. March 2023  

Free three-month trial of the premium account

Capitalia offers a free three-month trial of the company's most premium account type. The platform will build a diversified portfolio based on your mandate so you can enjoy passive income. The premium account feature on Capitalia is usually priced at 10% fee from earned profits.

calendar icon24. March 2023  

EstateGuru released an update on the status of German loan

EstateGuru has sent an email to investors highlighting the status of defaulted German loans. While the progress is minor, the company continues to share relevant updates.

calendar icon23. March 2023  

InRento will be under maintenance

Please be advised that from tomorrow to Sunday (March 24-26th), InRento's website will be under maintenance.

calendar icon22. March 2023  

Fintown review is now live!

Our review of the recently launched Czech crowdfunding platform Fintown is now live. Learn more about the current risks and opportunities and find out what we think about the platform in our review.

calendar icon21. March 2023  

Profitus will provide Lemonway accounts

The crowdfunding platform announced that from the 10th of April 2023, users will receive individual IBAN accounts provided by Lemonway.

calendar icon19. March 2023  

EstateGuru is updating its pricing list

The platform raised the Secondary Market fee to 3% for sellers. Furthermore, EstateGuru will charge €10 for inactive accounts from April 2023. This fee will be increased to €50 per month after the first year of the 12-month period of inactivity. As inactive accounts create cost to Estateguru, an “inactive account fee” is charged to users who have deposited funds in their accounts but who have not made any new investments on the Primary or on the Secondary market for the last 12 months and who also have no active loans in their portfolio.

calendar icon17. March 2023  

New project on Crowdpear

Crowdpear offers investors to invest in a new mortgage-backed development loan for 12 months and 18% LTV (first phase). Investors will receive 10.5% annual interest paid out every quarter.

calendar icon16. March 2023  

Instant exit option for loans from Germany and Finland is now available

Investors who wish to liquidate their German or Finish portfolio can use the Instant-Exit-Option and sell their loans to EstateGuru at a 35% discount.

calendar icon14. March 2023  

InRento is updating its capital gains structure and pricing

As of today, InRento will no longer participate in the profit-sharing of projects, and the profit will be shared only between the project owner and the investor. Under the updated structure, 10% of InRento's profit share would be transferred to the investors. The investors would participate in 80% of the project's profit-share and be subject to a 0.12 accounting fee ratio.