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calendar icon24. May 2024  

Mintos launches passive real estate investments

Mintos enables investors to invest in financial instruments connected to rental residential real estate. Investors receive regular rental income with the option to liquidate the investment on the secondary market.

calendar icon24. May 2024  

Danabijak released its financials for 2023

Based on the financial statement provided for 2023, the Company's total revenue in 2023 was 994,000 EUR, a 15% decrease compared to 2022. Danabijak generated an operating profit of 13,000 EUR last year. In 2023, the balance sheet increased by 38% to 713,000 EUR. As of 31.12.2023, the total value of the Company’s share capital was 818,000 EUR.

calendar icon23. May 2024  

Esketit expands its mortgage loan offerings

Esketit announced the expansion of its mortgage-backed loan offerings issued by Credus Capital, which operates under the same management as A24 Group. The loans come with a loan period of three years.

calendar icon10. May 2024  

Debitum reports a loss for 2023

Debitum published the audited financial report for 2023. The platform reports a loss of €358,634 in 2023. While the financial statements give a true and fair view of the financial position of the company, the auditor Grand Thorton reports a material misstatement of certain information in the report.

calendar icon09. May 2024  

VIAINVEST repaid 60% of the outstanding credit lines

VIAINVEST has repaid around 60% of the outstanding credit lines from 2021 to 2022. The platform plans to repay all credit lines by the end of June 2024. VIAINVEST refused to share the amount of outstanding credit lines or the outstanding portfolio amount with P2P Empire.

calendar icon01. May 2024  

PeerBerry continues to grow amidst regulatory challenges

In April, PeerBerry's portfolio hit EUR 110.59 million, despite a dip in loan funding to EUR 45.52 million due to fewer offerings, influenced by regulatory changes in Kazakhstan. Investors still earned EUR 901,552 in interest, with expectations for increased short-term loan availability in May.

calendar icon25. April 2024  

InRento publishes the audited annual report for 2023

The company reports the following financials for 2023: €170,000 in net profit, €758,456 in revenue, and €350,596 in equity. According to the auditor, the financial statements give a true and fair view of the financial position.

calendar icon23. April 2024  

Audited financials from Money for Finance and the decrease of interest rates for Jordanian loans

Money for Finance released its financials for 2023. The company reports €28.57 M in revenue, €4.16 M in net profit, and €5.49 M in equity. From April 29th, the platform will list Jordanian EUR loans at 11% and USD loans at 12%.

calendar icon22. April 2024  

Crowdestor informs investors about its outstanding portfolio

Crowdestor released information about the status of outstanding projects. The platform identifies €27.94 M of its portfolio as problematic.

calendar icon19. April 2024  

CrowdedHero offers investments in SIMPLEROS for a 14.25% annual return

CrowdedHero offers the option to invest in SIMPLEROS, a Spanish lending company founded and operated by Santa Lemsa, former Chief Risk Officer at the Robocash Group. The project offers a fixed loan term of 2 years and semi-annual interest payouts.