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calendar icon21. June 2024  

LANDE reactivated its secondary market

The platform reactivated the secondary market with new requirements. The resale of loans will be available only for current loans. Investors will no longer be able to buy loans for less than €50. Furthermore, full bullet loans have been excluded from the secondary market.

calendar icon21. June 2024  

Important Update on Inactive Account Fees

The inactive account fee is applied if the investor has not made any new investments within a 12-month period. €10 is applied once the account has been inactive for 12 months and €50 is applied when the period is respectively 24 months. Prior to any fees being deducted, investors will be informed via email that a fee will be applied, and prior to the fees being deducted, investors will have the ability to withdraw their available balance free of charge to avoid the fee from being deducted. The fee will not be deducted from accounts that have either made a small investment or withdrawn their available funds; nobody’s account will be drawn into minus, and nobody will receive an invoice. Therefore, if investors are keen on being idle and withdrawing their funds, then this fee encourages them to do it free of charge.

calendar icon14. June 2024  

PeerBerry is adjusting its interest rates

The P2P lending marketplace announced that it is changing the interest rates of newly offered loans. The interest will range from 9% to 10.5% per year. Investors should adjust their Auto Invest if they wish to invest in the newly listed loans.

calendar icon12. June 2024  

Ecommoney from Kazakhstan joins PeerBerry

PeerBerry starts listing consumer loans from Ecommoney in Kazakhstan with a 12-month loan term and an annual interest rate of 9.5%.

calendar icon08. June 2024  

EstateGuru has fired one fifth of its employees to reduce costs

The CEO announced that the company is reducing its costs and increasing revenue to achieve profitability by the end of the year.

calendar icon07. June 2024  

Esketit starts offering business loans from MojoCapital

Esketit starts listing business loans with a 12% interest rate and a loan term of 24 months. The loan originator, MojoCapital, is owned by the same owners as Esketit. From 12.06.2024, those loans will be added to Esketit's automated Diversified strategy.

calendar icon06. June 2024  

TWINO won't be distributing any yield from its rental business

Due to the acquisition costs connected to the three rental properties, the management has decided not to distribute any dividends for the reporting period.

calendar icon04. June 2024  
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Red Flags

EstateGuru raises withdrawal fees and introduces a monthly €10 fee for inactive accounts

EstateGuru users who have not invested funds for the past 12 months will be charged a €10 inactivity fee per month. Additionally, EstateGuru increased the withdrawal fee from €1 to €3. The new fee structure further decreases the return for users with defaulted loans who do not wish to continue investing but have locked funds on the platform due to EstateGuru's poor risk management.

calendar icon02. June 2024  

PeerBerry publishes its annual report for 2023

PeerBerry reports a net profit of €437,745 for 2023.

calendar icon02. June 2024  

LANDE improves the advanced auto invest and announces a cashback bonus of up to 2%

LANDE has improved the auto invest by lowering the minimum investment amounts while adding new filters that enable you to define the country and schedule type. The platform also launched a "Summer Boost" cashback campaign where investors can earn up to 2% cashback by investing at least €5000 into a single project in June.