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calendar icon16. February 2024  

Gofingo Group repays €200.000 in war-affected loans

Gofingo Group has repaid €7.19 M in war-affected loans so far. Gofingo's remaining obligations are €2.9 M.

calendar icon12. February 2024  

LANDE received the ECSP license

The Supervision Committee of Latvijas Banka has issued the Crowdfunding Services Authorization to the LANDE Platform.

calendar icon09. February 2024  

Exclusive Interview: EstateGuru's Recovery Plan For 2024

Dive into exclusive insights with the CEO at EstateGuru. Learn about the expected recoveries in 2024, forecasted loss rates for Germany, Finland, and the Baltics, pivotal credit policy changes, and EstateGuru's financial health.

calendar icon09. February 2024  

VIVUS repaid all delayed loans

The loan originator, VIVUS from Mexico, repaid the outstanding amount, including accrued interest, back to investors.

calendar icon07. February 2024  

New lender and legal actions against Right Choice Finance

Bondster announced that it is now listing loans from Advanto, a Czech fintech providing employee benefit of early earned wage access. The platform also revealed that it started legal actions against Right Choice Finance as the company failed to fulfill the buyback guarantee.

calendar icon06. February 2024  

Reinvest24 has suspended primary and secondary market transaction

The platform informed investors that it is temporarily pausing transactions on the secondary market. Reinvest24 also removed the primary market offers. Last month, the Estonian Financial Supervisory issued a warning as Reinvest24 is operating without the necessary authorization.

calendar icon01. February 2024  

Top-up option is unavailable

Lonvest has disabled the top-up option on the platform, as their lending partners don't need additional funding at the moment. The platform announced that in the first quarter of 2024, it will be expanding its network with new partners and will once again be open to accepting funds. The withdrawal function remains active.

calendar icon30. January 2024  
danger flag
Red Flags

The Estonian Financial Supervisory has issued a warning in regards to the activities of Reinvest24

The Estonian Financial Supervisor is warning investors about the suspicion that Reinvest24 continues to offer crowdfunding services without authorization.

calendar icon29. January 2024  

New criteria for defaulted loans

The essential criteria for a loan to be classified as default on LANDE include a payment delay exceeding 90 days (with variations based on market or schedule type), absence of refinancing options, and/or a complete lack of communication between the borrower and debt collection officers.

calendar icon27. January 2024  

Exclusive: Esketit Investment Update!

Explore Esketit's revamped loan offerings in a candid interview with CEO Vitalijs Zalovs. Get insights into investment structures, risks, and guarantees without any fluff. Topics covered include the impact of Gaza on Jordan's portfolio, potential conflict scenarios, AvaFin's 2024 plans, investments in music royalties and defaulted Spanish loans.