N26 Review 2024

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Table of contents


Jakub Krejci




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FAQ about N26

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Is N26 free?

N26 offers a basic bank account and a virtual debit card for free. Physical debit cards and additional perks are subject to fees.

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Is N26 trustworthy?

In our six-year-long experience, we have never had any issues with N26. There have been, however, some instances where the N26 restricted access for accounts suspected of money laundering or illegal activities. That's, however, the case with almost any regulated bank, as regulation and compliance are evolving.

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Does N26 support Google Pay and Apple Pay?

N26 supports contactless payments with Apple Pay and Google Pay. You can add your Mastercard number to Apple or Google Pay to pay at terminals with your phone.

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Does N26 support joint accounts?

Premium N26 users can create shared spaces and use those spaces together with other approved premium N26 users. N26 bank supports up to 10 shared spaces.

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Is N26 a real bank account?

N26 bank GmbH is a licensed and regulated German bank. It offers a real bank account protected by the German Deposit Protection Scheme of up to €100,000.

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How many users use the N26 bank account?

N26 bank has over 8 million customers in 24 European markets.