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Robocash Review

Updated | 11. July 2024

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  • Invest in short-term loans

  • Intuitive platform

  • Automated investments

  • 30-day buyback guarantee

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Min. Investment 1
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Loan Period in Months1 - 24
Loan TypeShort-Term
Interest8% - 11%



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Year founded:


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Investors' earnings:

€ 25M

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Outstanding portfolio:

€ 85M

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€ 0

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Average portfolio size:

€ 3.817

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    Table of contents

Table of contents

Robocash Review Summary

Robocash is an easy-to-use P2P lending platform with a reliable buyback guarantee and stable return of up to 11% per year. The P2P lending site regularly reports about the performance of its portfolio, which increased our trust in Robocash. Our experience with Robocash has been excellent so far.

Key takeaways from our Robocash Review:

  • Easy-to-use platform
  • 30-day-buyback guarantee
  • Backed by a profitable finance group
  • Limited diversification

Robocash currently lists loans with an interest of up to 11%, which makes any investment in Robocash very attractive. Sign up now and start earning money.

Ready to invest in Robocash?

Our Opinion of Robocash

We have been investing in Robocash since 2018, and our experience with the platform has been positive. The financial group behind, UnaFinancial is one of the most reliable companies offering investments in P2P loans worldwide. 

Even during challenging times, Robocash was able to protect investors. As of month year, Robocash is one of the best-performing platforms in Europe, with no losses for P2P investors.

Due to the excellent track record, the demand from investors is higher than the current supply of loans, which can lead to cash drag. Deploying a more significant amount of money may, therefore, be difficult.

Our portfolio on Robocash is currently more than €18,000, with an annual yield of 11.72%. Learn more about our exposure on Robocash on our P2P lending portfolio page.

We believe that Robocash is a legitimate platform. The platform regularly shares the consolidated audited annual report for the Unafinace Group, highlighting their lending business's impressive performance and growth in various markets.

Here is a sneak peek into our portfolio on Robocash. We have been investing in the platform without any problems since 2018.

robocash review

Are you ready to earn passive income on the best-performing platform in year?

What is Robocash?

Robocash is a (peer-to-peer) P2P lending platform registered in Croatia. The platform's primary focus is to fund short-term loans secured by its 30-day buyback guarantee and an annual yield of up to 12%.

Robocash was founded in 2017, and since then, it has paid more than €20 M to more than 35,000 investors. Is Robocash safe? Let's find out more about this platform in our Robocash review.

robocash review


  • Reliable buyback guarantee
  • Backed by a profitable finance group
  • Secondary market
  • Best performing platform in year


  • Manual investments are not supported
  • Limited diversification
  • Website looks outdated
  • Low loan availability

Do you prefer to watch a video? Here is all you need to know about Robocash.

Robocash Referral Code

Many P2P lending platforms offer a sign-up bonus, special promos, or cashback for new investors. Robocash used to provide a 1% cashback bonus during the first 30 days after your registration.

As the company doesn't need to acquire additional investors, Robocash removed the bonus for new investors for the time being. Should the platform introduce a reward for our readers again, we will update this review to reflect the new terms.

There is no need to type in any Robocash Referral Code as the company paused the referral program.

Robocash's Loyalty Bonus

All investors of can earn up to 0.8% in addition to the current rate of 9% to 12%. You will receive 0.5%, 0.8% to the basic interest rate when your total portfolio balance reaches €20,000 and €50,000 accordingly.

robocash loyalty program

Get up to 12% interest on Robocash

New User Requirements

To be able to invest in Robocash, you'll need to meet the following requirements:

  1. Be over 18 years old
  2. Have a European bank account in your name
  3. Reside within Europe

If you don't have a bank account, we suggest opening a free Wise account, which is further explained in our Wise card review. Alternatively, you can also read the N26 review to learn how to use the N26 bank to transfer funds to Robocash.

If you don't have a bank account in euros, your deposit will be exchanged for euros at the current exchange rate. Please ensure you send your money from your EUR account for Robocash to accept.

🧾Does Robocash deduct taxes?

Robocash does not charge taxes on your profits. You can download account statements from your dashboard, which you may submit to the tax authorities where you are a tax resident when you file taxes.

Risk & Returns

When investing in P2P lending, you want to protect your investment. To do this, you need to evaluate the ratio between the risks and the returns.

So, let's examine the risks and returns to determine whether Robocash is the right platform for you.

As with most P2P lending platforms that list microloans, Robocash also offers a buyback guarantee.

Let's determine how much interest you will earn based on your deposits with our Robocash calculator.

Buyback Guarantee

The buyback guarantee on Robocash is different from many other P2P lending platforms. While platforms like Esketit and PeerBerry offer a 60-day buyback guarantee, Robocash's period is only 30 days.

You don't have to wait two months until the buyback guarantee gets activated to receive your money back.

Another benefit of this feature is that the loan originator pays back the outstanding amount and the interest for the delayed period.

This is exceptional - most loan originators on Mintos don't fork out for both.

This means your money on Robocash is continuously earning interest, even though the borrower is late with its payments.

Interest Rates

Robocash offers interest rates dependent on your investment's loan period. As of right now, Robocash has increased the interest rates by up to 11% per year.

robocash interest

Is Robocash Safe?

Many P2P investors ask whether their investment on a specific platform is safe.

In 2020, several seemingly legitimate platforms ceased operations, and investors lost millions of euros. In year, there are still scams that you should avoid.

There is no guarantee that this cannot happen with any platform.

However, conducting due diligence on the platform you plan to invest on can increase your chances of making the right investment decision.

Let's have a look at our background check of Robocash.

Who Runs the Company?

Sergey Sedov founded the Robocash investment platform. His role as the CEO of the UnaFinancial Group has been replaced by Natalya Ischenko, who was promoted from COO.

Natalya has 20 years of experience in the banking and auditing sector.

Ready to get personal with Robocash? Watch our latest P2P talk to understand the UnaFinancial Group better.

Who is the Company's Legal Owner?

Sergey Sedov is the legal owner of seven companies within the UnaFinancial Group, including the Robocash Investment Robot, where you can invest in consumer loans from Robocash's loan originators.

Are There Any Suspicious Terms and Conditions?

We always read through the terms and conditions to decrease the chance of fraudulent behaviors. We look mainly at the following clauses:

  • Are the user's funds segregated from the company's funds?
  • Does the platform inform the users about changes in T&C in advance?
  • Are there any other T&C worth mentioning

Let's look at what we found in Robocash's T&C.

Clause 4.9 - Storage of Your Funds

In section 4.9, Robocash informs you that all your funds are in a bank account separate from Robocash's property. It's also worth noting that you won't earn any interest if you do not invest your funds.

robocash review

This clause gives you good legal ground if the platform decides to disable withdrawals or introduce limits to withdrawing and depositing funds. However, a dedicated IBAN account like you get on EstateGuru would increase the safety of your funds even more.

Robocash processes your deposits and withdrawals using the 3 S Money payment provider. While Robocash has ties to its operations in Russia, investors' funds don't transact through this country; they are directly transferred to Robocash's headquarters in Singapore.

Clause 14.5 - Amendments

In section 14.5, you learn that Robocash reserves the right to change T&C with prior notice of 60 days.

robocash review

This is excellent news, as many P2P platforms don't notify users before changing the terms and conditions.

Do Investors Have Access to Individual Loan Agreements?

While most investors ignore the assignment agreements, it gives you excellent legal ground in the worst-case scenario, where the platform goes out of business.

robocash review

You can download all assignment agreements under My Investments → Investment number. All agreements are available as Microsoft Word Documents rather than PDF files.

Robocash also allows you to download the entire loan book.

Potential Red Flags

We are currently not aware of any red flags.


Robocash is very easy to navigate, and even if you are starting out with P2P lending, you won't have a problem getting around.

Auto Invest

Robocash doesn't allow you to invest manually. Before investing in loans, you must deposit your money and set up your Auto Invest.

The minimum investment amount per loan is only €1, making diversifying your portfolio much easier.

What you should keep in mind, however, is the availability of loans from individual lenders.

You can define which loans you prefer to invest in your portfolio settings.

Robocash's Auto Invest allows you to define your:

  1. portfolio size
  2. minimum and maximum investment amount
  3. interest rate
  4. investment period
  5. loan originator
robocash review

Our Robocash Auto Invest portfolio allows us to invest in all lending companies that list loans with a predefined loan duration. We are currently only invested in loans from Singapore. We have also extended our investment term to increase the return of our portfolio on Robocash.

Commercial Loans From Singapore

Experienced investors have likely noticed that Robocash's loans from Singapore are never delayed. The reason for this is the loan type. By investing in Robocash's commercial loans in Singapore, you are investing in Robocash's development in South East Asia. You are lending money directly to Robocash instead of funding borrowers' loans. The cash is partially used to support Robocash's loan book in India and Vietnam and the development of the digital bank in the Philippines.

Portfolio Overview

While Robocash isn't a platform that develops features frequently, the company has recently introduced portfolio statistics, which allow you to visualize your current investment portfolio.

robocash statistics


Liquidity is another factor you probably don't think about, but it's essential.

We never know when there will be a financial downturn or other investment opportunities you're interested in, but we know that you'll want quick access to your capital when these times occur.

Robocash offers a secondary market for all its investments, meaning you can sell your investments and exit the platform within a few days.

Investing on P2P marketplaces or P2P lending site that fund short-term loans make your investments more accessible.

So far, Robocash has always fulfilled the obligation, and there are no reports of investors who had terrible experiences with Robocash's liquidity. You don't need to pay attention to pending payments, suspended lenders, or funds in recovery.

Robocash was also one of the platforms that did not struggle during the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020. The group made over $20 M in profits that year while fulfilling all obligations toward investors. In 2021, the finance group made a profit of $28 M. Even in year, the platform still manages to fulfill its commitment to investors despite the economic challenges caused by the conflict in Ukraine.

Customer Support

The customer support is quite responsive.

Any queries we've had have been answered within 48 hours. You can contact them via email ( or give them a call at +385 1344-58-18. You can also fill out their contact form; the team will reply as soon as possible.

Even though Robocash is a small P2P platform registered in Croatia, it provides decent support most of the time.

The best way to connect is to use Robocash's Live Chat function directly on the website.

While the loan availability on Robocash is reintively low, it is still one of thsitesrket's most reliable P2P lenmakes platforms.

Robocash Alternatives

Robocash is a reliable platform, but investing in month year can be challenging due to the low availability of loans. If you are considering financing a larger amount of money, it's impossible now. Instead, you can explore some Robocash alternatives that won't suffer from cash drag. 


If you appreciate the reliability of Robocash, you should look into Esketit, which offers up to 11% interest and a reliable buyback guarantee.

The platform funds loans only from lenders founded by the owners of Esketit, which decreases the risk as the management has complete control over the risk management. Esketit is one of the most popular platforms in month year. Learn more about how the platform works in our Esketit review.


Fintown is a Czech-based crowdlending platform raising funds to develop and rent properties in Prague. The platform pays monthly interest if you invest in the available rental units. 

Fintown offers between 8% and 13% interest on your investments, depending on the length of the lock-up period. If you are looking for a reliable platform to deploy your funds quickly without cash drag, Fintown might be a good fit.

Learn more about how to earn passive income in our Fintown review.


LANDE might be a good fit for you if you want to diversify your investments across various loan types. The platform has an excellent track record in funding agricultural loans from Latvia.

Crops, insurance, and other types of collateral back all your investments. Instead of funding payday loans on Robocash, you are financing loans to farmers who use the money to produce food. Learn more about how to earn a sustainable income of up to 11% per year in our LANDE review.


Jakub Krejci




Jakub Krejci, the founder of P2P Empire, brings six years of expertise in navigating and investing across diverse P2P lending platforms. Drawing insights from over 50 interviews with industry CEOs and founders, Jakub offers a unique perspective in the peer-to-peer lending realm. Renowned for his high-quality reporting and regular updates, Jakub stands as a trusted authority for individuals navigating the dynamic P2P investment landscape.

Editorial Note: We earn a commission from partner links on P2P Empire. Commissions do not affect our editors' opinions or evaluations of products.


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How does Robocash work?

Robocash is a P2P lending platform that enables investors from the European Economic Area to invest in loans from the Robocash Group. Depending on the selected loan term, investors earn between 8% and 13% interest per year by investing in loans on Robocash. The interest is credited to the investor's accounts every month.

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Is Robocash legit?

Robocash follows all the required laws to operate its investment platform from Croatia. Its lending companies follow local regulations to ensure the lawful origination of loans. The Robocash Group is also providing audited consolidated financial reports, which increases the legitimacy of Robocash.

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Is Robocash safe?

Robocash investment platform has been consistently able to fulfill the obligation towards investors. The platform provides a 2FA which increases the safety of investors' accounts. All the listed loans on Robocash are backed by a 30-day buyback guarantee which has been honored so far.

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What are the funds from RC Riga Singapore used for?

The commercial loan for RC Riga Singapore is used to fund the development of the Robocash Group in South East Asia. Most of the funds are used to develop financial products in the Philippines and expand its operations in India and Sri Lanka.


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