Robocash Review


Earn on average 11.36% interest per year
Your investment is secured by a buyback guarantee.




  • Invest in short-term loans
  • Intuitive platform
  • Automated investments
  • 30 day buyback guarantee


Risk & Return3.5 stars
Usability3 stars
Liquidity4 stars
Support4.5 stars


Buyback GuaranteeYes, 30 days
Auto InvestYes
Secondary MarketNo


Min. Investment€ 10
Loan Originators5
Loan Period1 - 180 days
Interest11% - 13%


  • 30-day buyback guarantee
  • Average loan term 22 days
  • Stable returns of 12%
  • Cash drag
  • Limited diversification
  • No sign-up bonus

Robocash Review

Robocash is Croatia’s most popular (peer-to-peer) P2P lending platform. The platform’s primary focus is to fund short-term loans secured by their 30-day buyback guarantee. Robocash is a good alternative for investors who are aiming to diversify their portfolio across different regions. Find out more about this platform in this complete review about Robocash.

robocash review

Robocash in Numbers

Before we talk about the individual categories, let’s have a look at Robocash’s statistics.

Bondora Statistics
Founded in:2017
Investor's earnings:+ €1 M
Total loan value:+ €113 M
Amount of investors:+8,000
Loss of investors' money:-
Average portfolio size:-
Latest financial reportReport for 2019

So, how does Robocash compare to other P2P lending platforms?

The main differentiator between this platform and others of its type is its geographical diversification. Robocash lists investment opportunities from Eastern Europe, Spain, Vietnam, Philippines, Kazakhstan and Russia. Meanwhile... This brings certain advantages and disadvantages, but more about this later.

The second most notable difference is the size. Robocash isn’t as big as its competitors Mintos or PeerBerry, which also list short-term personal loans.

Robocash Promo Code

Many P2P lending platforms offer a sign-up bonus, special promos or cashback for new investors. Unfortunately, Robocash isn’t one of them. We’ll be updating this Robocash review regularly, so check it again in a couple of months to see if the platform has updated this.

The cashback bonus might be a nice incentive, but, in reality, it only pays off when investing a more substantial sum of money. If you’re just starting out in the investment sphere, get familiar with P2P lending and test the platform with a few hundred euros first.

If you want to receive a sign-up bonus or cashback on your investments, look at the offers from Mintos (0.5%), Crowdestor (1%) or EstateGuru (0.5%).

Get 12% returns on Robocash

New User Requirements

Firstly, new users need to be over 18 years old and reside in Europe. Non-European investors are currently not accepted on this Croatian P2P lending platform.

Secondly, users need to have a European bank account to transfer funds to their Robocash investor account. We use the N26 account and the deposit, as well as withdrawals; it takes no more than two days. If you don’t have a bank account in euros, your deposit will be exchanged to euros for the current exchange rate.

Risk and Returns

When investing in P2P lending, you want to make sure your investment is protected. In order to do this, you need to evaluate the ratio between the risks and the returns.

So, let’s have a look at the risks and returns in order to see if Robocash is the platform for you.

As with most P2P lending platforms that list unsecured short-term loans, Robocash also offers a buyback guarantee.

Robocash’s Buyback Guarantee

The buyback guarantee on Robocash is different to many other P2P lending platforms. While platforms like Mintos and PeerBerry offer a 60-day buyback guarantee, Robocash’speriod is only 30 days.

This means that you don’t have to wait two months until the buyback guarantee gets activated to receive your money back. Another benefit of this feature is that the loan originator pays back the outstanding amount and the interest for the delayed period. This is pretty exceptional - most loan originators on Mintos don’t fork out for both.

Your money on Robocash is continuously earning interest, even though the borrower is late with its payments. Does it, however, help with cash drag? More about this in just a minute.

Is Robocash Safe?

When investing money on Robocash, you are mainly funding loans of the Robocash Group, which is the parent company of the Robocash investment platform and simultaneously the primary loan originator.

While this isn’t helping you to diversify across loan originators, the Robocash Group will give you access to loans from countries, where other European platforms aren’t as present. You can, therefore, expand your portfolio to new territories and lower the risk that comes with P2P lending in Europe.

The Platform’s Usability

The safety of your investment does not mean anything if you can’t use the platform correctly. Robocash is very easy to navigate, and even if you are just starting out with P2P lending, you won’t have a problem getting around.

Auto Invest

Robocash doesn’t allow you to invest manually. You need to deposit your money and set up your Auto Invest before investing in loans. The minimum investment amount per loan is only €10 which makes it much easier to diversify your portfolio than is the case on platforms like EstateGuru or Crowdestor, where the minimum investment is €50 per project.

Robocash’s Auto Invest allows you to define your portfolio size, minimum and maximum investment amount, interest rate, investment period, as well as choosing your loan originators. A convenient feature is also the possibility to reinvest your returns to benefit from the compound interest.

robocash auto invest

Cash Drag

Cash drag occurs when there aren’t many l1oans available, and often results in your money being left uninvested.

Unfortunately, Robocash is one of the platforms where you’ll likely be subject to cash drag. While temporary cash drag isn’t a big problem, if it occurs for several weeks, you might want to consider relocating your money to a different platform.


Liquidity is another factor that many P2P investors don’t think about, but, it’s really important. We never know when there will be a financial downturn or other investment opportunities you’re going to be interested in, but one thing we do know is that you’ll want to have quick access to your capital when these times occur.

Robocash doesn’t offer a secondary market; however, as you are investing in short-term loans, your capital commitment isn’t usually longer than a few weeks. In most cases, you won’t be able to withdraw your money as fast as you would when using features like Mintos Invest and Access or Bondora’s Go and Grow. Still, the average return of your investment on Robocash is also slightly higher.

Robocash is a good alternative for investors who want to invest short-term.

Robocash’s Customer Support

In our experience, the customer support at Robocash is exceptional. Any queries we’ve had have been answered within 24 hours. You can get in touch with them via email ( or give them a call on +385 1344-58-18. You can also fill out their contact form and the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Even though Robocash is a small P2P platform from Croatia, investors like us appreciate the efforts the team put into providing excellent customer support. Not all platforms boast customer support teams like this, as we mentioned in our Crowdestor review.

Robocash Review Summary

Cash Drag

When there are loans available to invest in, Robocash is a promising platform. The cash drag problem is, however, most certainly one disadvantage that you should keep in mind when considering to use this platform.


We suggest testing the platform first and see whether you like it. The deposits and withdrawals work just fine if you decide to not pursue your investments on Robocash you can simply withdraw everything.

Overall Robocash Review

Robocash is an excellent secondary P2P platform for those looking for short-term investments with relatively high returns. Robocash is a suitable platform for beginners as well as advanced investors. The Auto Invest feature will allow you to diversify your portfolio and create a passive investment strategy. Sign up on Robocash today and earn on average 12% of interest.

Ready to invest on Robocash?


What should I be looking out for when investing in Asia?

Risk assessment of loans in Asia might be a challenge for European loan originators. Our main piece of advice would be to always check their annual financial reports to get an idea of whether the loan originator is profitable. The Robocash Group was profitable in recent years as you can see in their latest report.

Does the buyback guarantee cover for interest payments?

Yes, the loan originator will repurchase your claim against the borrower in full amount, including the delayed interest payment.

What’s the minimum investment amount on Robocash?

The minimum investment amount is only €10.

Is Robocash a good primary P2P lending platform?

At the time of the creation of this Robocash review, we cannot recommend the company as a primary investment platform due to cash drag issues. With a close eye on the P2P lending market, we update our reviews with any changes. Check this review again in a few months to see if they’ve increased the loan availability and we’ve changed our minds.

Company Information
Company:Robocash d.o.o
Address:Radnička cesta 80, Zagreb, Croatia, 10000
Phone:+ 385 1344 58 18
Live Chat:No
Opening Hours:Weekdays from 9AM to 5PM
Social Media:Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn