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Jakub Krejci




Jakub Krejci, the founder of P2P Empire, brings six years of expertise in navigating and investing across diverse P2P lending platforms. Drawing insights from over 50 interviews with industry CEOs and founders, Jakub offers a unique perspective in the peer-to-peer lending realm. Renowned for his high-quality reporting and regular updates, Jakub stands as a trusted authority for individuals navigating the dynamic P2P investment landscape.

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FAQ About Our P2P Calculator

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Does P2P Empire compare lenders?

We are primarily focused on comparing and scoring platforms. The better the platform, the lower the risk you will experience by investing in listed lenders.

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What criteria do you use to compare platforms?

We use a variety of objects but also subjective variables to score various platforms. The big four categories influencing our ratings are: Risk, Safety, Latest developments, and Performance.

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Is your platform comparison tool reliable?

One of the largest financial groups in the P2P lending industry verified the calculation behind our comparison tool. The profit from a particular platform might vary as the loan offers change.