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Table of contents

CoinLoan Referral Code

Sign up with our Coinloan referral code and earn lifetime rewards. You will get +0.1% of every exchange amount, +0.1% of every loan amount as well as +0.05% of Interest Account holdings. These bonuses are valid only if you sign up with our exclusive referral link.

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🏆 Coinloan Referral Bonus Claim Bonus
🎁 Bonus for new investors: +0.1% of exchange amount and loan amount, +0.05% of Interest Account holdings
⌛ Bonus period: lifetime
🎟️ Coinloan Referral Code: N/A
💲 Deposit Requirements: $10

Coinloan Bonus for New Investors

Coinloan offers a secret referral bonus for our readers, who sign up with the exclusive referral link. There is no need to type in any specific referral code to activate your Coinloan bonus. You will earn an additional lifetime referral bonus from every transaction that you make.

How to redeem this bonus?

  1. Click on our exclusive referral link
  2. Register on Coinloan
  3. Complete the KYC (identity verification)
  4. Transfer at least $10 worth of coins to your CoinLoan wallet.
  5. Start earning bonuses

The bonus will be paid out to your as soon as you start using CoinLoan's products.

Coinloan Quick Review

CoinLoan is an Estonian crypto lending platform that offers high yields on your stablecoins and crypto deposit. The benefit of CoinLoan is that the platform generates yield only from its own crypto lending products. This reduces the risk that the platform would trade your crypto which is often the case on other crypto lending sites. Coinloan's reward system is very simple and comprehensive. In addition to attractive returns, you can also rely on CoinLoan's support which improved significantly over the years. To learn more about CoinLoan, read our in-depth CoinLoan review.


Do I need to insert a referral code?

As long as you clicked on our exclusive referral link, you don't need to type in any special Coinloan referral code.

I did not receive the bonus, what shall I do?

First, make sure that you have fulfilled all the requirements. In the unlikely event that you haven’t received your bonus, please get in touch with CoinLoan and request additional information.

Do you guarantee that I will get the bonus?

We take our service extremely seriously, which is why P2P Empire is known for up-to-date information, including various bonus offers. We don’t guarantee any bonuses, however, we do our best to keep all the information up to date.

What else should I be aware of?

Receiving a cashback bonus from crypto platforms is a great way to increase your returns, note, however, that crypto lending is a risky investment and investors have already lost money on many other crypto platforms in the past. You should always conduct your own diligence and make your own research before you start earning interest on your crypto.