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Sign up with our link to receive a 1% bonus, calculated from your investments within the first 90 days after registration.

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    Table of contents

Table of contents

Lonvest Promo Code

Lonvest offers a 1% bonus for our readers on P2P Empire. If you wish to invest in profitable lenders on Lonvest, sign up with our link to receive a 1% bonus after 90 days from your registration. To redeem this bonus, type in the Lonvest promo code LonvestCW.

Lonvest is one of newly launched platforms offering high-yielding investments in loans from Poland and Vietnam. Please review the bonus terms at the top of this page or on our P2P lending bonus page.

Ready to redeem your Lonvest bonus?

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🎁 Bonus for new investors: 1%
📱 Promo code: LonvestCW
⌛ Bonus period: 90 days
🤩 Exclusive Bonus: N/A


How to redeem the Lonvest promotional code and get a 1% bonus?

  1. First, you need to register on Lonvest and verify your identity. This process usually takes a couple of minutes.
  2. After completing the KYC (know-your-client) form and verifying your email address, you can deposit money to your virtual Lonvest account.
  3. Transfer your funds typically takes one to three business days. 
  4. Set up your auto invest to earn passive income by investing in consumer loans.

If you are new to Lonvest, you might want to read our Lonvest review to get a quick introduction to how the platform works.


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Is Lonvest safe?

Lonvest is a P2P marketplace that offers investments in unsecured short-term loans, backed by a reliable buyback guarantee. Investing in loans always comes with certain risks.

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Should I use the Lonvest promo code?

Readers of P2P Empire don't need to type in the Lonvest promo code, as long as they sign up with our partner link.

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I haven't received the bonus, what shall I do?

We update the bonus offers regularly but are not responsible for the bonus payout. If you believe you have met all the bonus requirements and didn't receive the bonus, you should contact Lonvest and clarify the situation.