Mintos Review


Earn on average 11.80% interest per year.
Your investment is secured by a buyback guarantee.






  • Broad diversification options
  • Automate your portolio with Auto Invest
  • High liquidity with Mintos Invest & Access
  • Most innovative P2P lending site


Risk & Return4 stars
Usability3.5 stars
Liquidity4 stars
Support5 stars


Buyback GuaranteeYes, in 60 days
Auto InvestYes
Secondary MarketYes
Cashback0,5% in 90 days


Min. Investment€ 10
Loan Originators62
Loan Period1 - 80 months
Interest5% - 14%


  • Buyback Guarantee
  • High Liquidity
  • Most innovative platform
  • Not available for UK investors
  • Temporary Cash Drag
  • Not suitable for long-term investments

Mintos Review

Mintos is one of the biggest P2P lending platforms in Europe. The platform predominantly lists unsecured personal loans backed by a 60 day buyback guarantee, and the average annual interest you could earn is 11%. Due to the small availability of loans, however, the returns on Mintos are currently declining. In this Mintos review we will share our experience with this platform.

mintos review

Mintos Cashback Campaign for February 2020 - Wowoo Loans

Mintos is currently offering a cashback campaign of 1% for any investors that invest in loans originated by the Turkish loan originator Wowoo. The cashback campaign lasts only until the 29th of February 2020. To be eligible to participate, you must invest manually or via the Auto Invest tool. The cashback campaign is valid only for investments on the primary market.

Mintos in Numbers

Before you start working with any P2P lending platforms, we recommend to have a look at their statistics. See the table below for a quick overview of Mintos’ performance.

Mintos Statistics
Operating since:2015
Investor's earnings:+ €80 M
Total loan value:+ €4.5 B
Amount of investors:+250,000
Loss of investors' money:> 0.01%
Average portfolio size:€4,458
Latest financial reportReport for 2018

Over the last four years, Mintos seen exponential growth, with their investor base growing over €200,000 during this time. As a result, the platform needs to supply enough investment opportunities in order to meet investors’ requirements and avoid cash drag.

Cash drag occurs when the money you put on the P2P lending platform isn’t invested. This tends to happen when P2P lending platforms don’t offer loans that meet your investment criteria.

The best part about Mintos is the liquidity of your money: you can access 85% of your capital within a few minutes. With average returns of more than 11% per year, there are not many other P2P platforms that offer such high liquidity.

Mintos Invitation Code

In the past, Mintos rewarded their investors with 1% cashback in their first 90 days. This has, unfortunately, been reduced to 0.5% cashback within the first 30 days of registration in order to lower the cost of the acquisition of new investors.

This means that if you invest €5,000 on Mintos within the first 30 days, you’ll get a bonus of €250. Most P2P platforms offer similar P2P sign up bonuses. The more you invest, the higher your cashback bonus.

N.B: You need to invest your funds in order to activate your bonus.

mintos invitation code

In order to get your Mintos cashback bonus you don’t need to use a Mintos promo code. Simply sign up with our link and the code will be automatically associated with your investment account. You will receive 0.5% cashback from your portfolio valuze within 30 days.

Sounds good to you?

Mintos’ User Requirements

In order to be accepted on Mintos you’ll need to fit with a couple of their requirements. Firstly, all users must be over 18 years old and use a European bank account when transferring your funds to Mintos. Our preferred bank is N26.

You can transfer your money in nine different currencies. This is a nice feature, however, most of the loans on Mintos are listed in euros. If you’re working with USD, SEK or currencies other than the euro, you’ll need to exchange your currency directly on Mintos.

The best and cheapest way to transfer your money is via bank transfer. This way, you’ll avoid any transaction or currency exchange fees, and if you’re transferring within continental Europe, do this via SEPA payment as it’s free. Trustly or other e-money services like Transferwise also work well, but do note that there might be a small fee connected to your transfer.

Mintos’ final user requirement is location-based. You can sign up on Mintos from any part of the world, except the UK. UK investors are currently not accepted on Mintos due to regulatory issues. If you’re from the UK and want to invest on European P2P lending platforms, have a look at EstateGuru and PeerBerry.

Risk and Return

When investing in P2P lending you always want to minimize the risks and maximize the returns. We’ve looked into how Mintos’ features to find out how you can best do this.

Various Loan Types

The Mintos marketplace advertises various types of loans, however, the majority of loans on Mintos are short-term, personal or car loans.

In fact, almost two thirds of loans on Mintos are short-term loans, otherwise known as micro or payday loans. Those loans usually have a short period of a maximum 90 of days. It’s really important to note that while these loans have higher interest rates, they’re also subject to a greater risk of default.

Mintos also lists mortgage, business and agricultural loans as well as invoice financing. Most of the time, however, those types of loans aren’t available. You can invest into secured real estate loans on EstateGuru or in business loans onBondster.

mintos statistics

Mintos’ Broad Diversification Options

Mintos’ popularity stems from the variety of loan originators it offers. Currently you can invest in 63 loan originators from 31 countries. At the moment we’re not aware of any P2P lending siteswith such a diversification in terms of loan originators and countries.

This broad offering benefits investors because a diversified portfolio lowers the risk.

While Mintos has a broad diversification of options in terms of loan types when compared with other P2P lending sites, you should bear that ratio of short-term loans in mind when investing on Mintos.

Mintos’ Buyback Guarantee

Another Mintos feature worth mentioning is their buyback guarantee. If you invest in loans with a buyback guarantee, delayed loans of more than 60 days will be repurchased from the loan originator, which will take over the debt collection. This is a really positive feature because it means that, in theory, you should not lose any money on Mintos.

As experienced investors who use this platform, we can vouch for this feature. The loan originators we have invested in always bought back the claim against the borrower in case of delayed payments.

There is, however, one drawback with this ‘security’ which harms your returns. Some of the loan originators on Mintos don’t pay out the interest on delayed loans, meaning that there is a chance that your money won’t earn any interest during those 60 days until the buyback guarantee kicks in.

mintos loan originators

Mintos Loan Originators

One of our most favorite features on Mintos is the loan originator section. Very few P2P lending platforms give you as many details about their loan originators as Mintos does.

This is great for investors using this platform as, firstly you can view important information like the percentage regarding ySkin in the Game, Mintos Ratings, as well as the estimated annual bad debt rate based on the risk categories. Secondly, you can see the financial reports of a specific loan originator.

Mintos claims to increase your returns on average by 11.86% (this rate is regularly updated). Our own experience has shown that the actual returns are slightly lower, with our net annual return currently at 11.09%.

You should be aware that this rate changes depending on the availability of loans. In case the supply of new loans is lower as the demand from investors, the rates will be lower

Considering that most of the loans on Mintos are short-term loans with a buyback guarantee, the returns on Mintos are slightly lower than the average. We manage to generate slightly higher net annual returns from short-term loans on PeerBerry (11.72%) and Robocash(12%).

Is Mintos Safe?

Before you invest your money, it’s important to think about whether the platform you’re using is safe. P2P investments are considered high-risk as government protection schemes don’t protect your money. This is, however, similar to investing in stocks, ETFs or cryptos. The governmental protection only applies to your deposits. Your deposits (not investments) are secured by the FSCS protection schemes on UK-based platforms and the European deposit protection schemes on platforms that operate within the EU.

When investing on Mintos, you’re buying the claim against a borrower, as opposed to a claim against the platform or the loan originator. Mintos provides you with user agreements that you should read to fully understand your rights and the protection of your investment.

We’ve outlined these rights briefly below:
  • If the borrower stops paying back the loan, the loan originator will take over the debt collection in case you have invested in loans with buyback guarantee.
  • If the loan originator goes out of business, such as in the case of Eurocent or Aforti Finance, Mintos will take over the legal work and help investors get their money back. This, however, can take several months.
  • If Mintos goes bankrupt, a third party law firm will take over the management outstanding payments from the loan originators to the investors. The balance of your funds on Mintos is saved on segregated bank accounts which aren’t used to finance the operation of Mintos. In the unlikely event that Mintos would shut down, uninvested money is protected.

Usability of Mintos

Having a fully- functional and user- friendly platform is very important. P2P lending sites tend to get very complex as new features are being developed.

Mintos is suitable for beginners as well as experienced investors. It has plenty of features that will help you to automate your investments such as the Mintos Auto Invest, Invest and Access or Mintos Investment Strategies.

While it’s great to have all the options, currently there is only one feasible way to invest on Mintos. Keep reading to find out more.

Mintos is one of the largest P2P lending sites in Europe with many features that you won’t find anywhere else.

Mintos Invest and Access Feature

The Mintos Invest and Access feature was developed to allow you to create a broadly diversified portfolio with loans backed by the buyback guarantee.

In theory, this feature is great for any beginners, who don’t want to analyze the loan originators but only want to invest money. The drawback of this feature is that all the investors using it will be prioritized over the ones using the Mintos Auto Invest and Mintos Investment Strategies.

We found that the main advantage of using Mintos was the fact that as an investor you can control the diversification of your portfolio. It’s worth noting, however, that this doesn’t apply with the Mintos Invest and Access. The Mintos Auto Invest feature doesn’t work anymore and the only chance to invest on Mintos is either manually or with the Mintos Invest & Access, which does not give you any control over your investments.

mintos invest and access

Further Features

Alongside the features we’ve already mentioned, Mintos also has additional features to make your investing easier.

The platform provides you with account statements for your annual tax reports and the team are also currently developing an app that will help you track your portfolio performance from all mobile devices at any time.

Liquidity of Your Money

When investing in P2P lending you’ll need to look at the risks, returns and liquidity. In the financial world, we refer to this as the magic triangle. Depending on your P2P investment strategy as well as your financial goals, you might be leaning towards investing on P2P lending sites where you can withdraw your money should you need it.

While some P2P platforms charge you a fee for early withdrawals, Mintos doesn’t. If you invest with the Mintos Invest and Access feature, you will be able to withdraw 85% of your portfolio within a few minutes or hours. Meanwhile, the rest of the portfolio allows you to cash out within a maximum of 60 days. We’re not aware of any other platforms that offer such high returns and quick access to your money.

Secondary Market

If you invest on Mintos manually or have invested in long-term loans via the Mintos Auto Invest, you can sell your claims against borrowers on the secondary market. This is recommended if you want to withdraw your funds before the end of the loan period.

Although we don’t trade on the secondary market, it’s certainly a benefit that will help with your liquidity on Mintos.

Supporting Your Investing

If you’re new to P2P lending, you should start off with a P2P platform that will answer all of your questions and educate you about P2P investments.

Depending on your knowledge in P2P lending, some Mintos’ functionalities might need further explanation, and this platform has a customer support centre that will help you every step of the way.

If you send an email to Mintos’ customer support centre, you can expect an answer within 24 hours. From our personal experience on this platform, we’ve been able to reach Mintos’ customer support center within minutes during working hours.

When compared with even the biggest European P2P platforms like Bondora, the support Mintos offers is truly exceptional.

Mintos Review: Our Summary

Here is a brief summary of our comprehensive Mintos Review:

Mintos has been our favorite P2P lending platform for years. The amount of user-friendly features and broad diversification options were always unique within the P2P lending industry in Europe. There are, however, a few issues that should be improved.

Cash Drag Issues

The growth of their investor base in recent months often led to cash drag. Investors could not use their Auto Invest anymore due to the insufficient supply of loans that would meet their criteria. While we’re certain that this temporary issue will be resolved, there is no guarantee that it won’t happen again.

Lack of Control Over Diversification Options

The fact that many investors can’t control their diversification options is also very restrictive. We will certainly monitor the development of the platform and update this Mintos review regularly.

Good Choice for Beginners

On the other hand, if you’re looking to invest money on a trustworthy platform with a proven track record, give Mintos a go. You can start by investing as little as €10 while earning around 11% in returns annually.

Sign up on Mintos today, invest and get yourself a cashback bonus of 0.5% of your portfolio size within the first 30 days.

Ticking a lot of your boxes?


Is Mintos safe?

Mintos is a safe and trustworthy P2P lending platform with a proven track record. Your investment is secured by the 60 day buyback guarantee. Learn more about the protection of your investment on Mintos here.

Should I invest in P2P lending?

If you are looking in a sustainable and easy way to earn on average more than 10% of interest every year, P2P lending might be a good option for you. Learn more about it here.

Is P2P lending safe?

The only way to increase your safety with P2P lending is diversification. There are several risks that you should be aware when investing in P2P lending. Learn more about it here.

How do I invest in P2P?

Investing in P2P is simple. Register with your email address on one of the trustworthy platforms, verify your identity and transfer your funds. You can start investing with as little as €10. Learn more about the requirements here.

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