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  • Invest in Bondora's self-originated loans
  • Intuitive investment roducts
  • Available in 23 languages
  • Excellent liquidity


Risk & Return3 stars
Usability4 stars
Liquidity5 stars
Support2.5 stars


Buyback GuaranteeNo
Auto InvestYes
Secondary MarketYes
CashbackYes, €5 bonus


Min. Investment€ 5
Loan Originators1
Loan Period3 - 60 months
Interest1% - 275%


  • Superb liquidity
  • Great for long-term investors
  • High availability of loans
  • Unsecured P2P loans
  • Low yields due to defaults
  • Poor customer support

Bondora Review

Bondora is one of the oldest Peer to Peer (P2P) lending platforms in Europe. This platform lists self-originated unsecured personal loans from five different countries and has advanced tools to help investors automate their strategy. The average annual net return with Bondora Go and Grow is only 6.75%.

Read our Bondora review to discover more about Bondora and whether this is the P2P investment platform for you.

bondora review

Bondora in Numbers

In order to get a quick overview of the P2P platform’s performance, take a look at its statistics below:

Bondora Statistics
Founded in:2008
Investor's earnings:-
Total loan value:+ €317 M
Amount of investors:+91,000
Loss of investors' money:-
Average portfolio size:-
Latest financial reportReport for 2018

Bondora is growing; the company managed to increase the number of funded loans as well as the revenue by more than 50% in the last year. This profitable P2P lending platform is good for investors who aren’t comfortable using platforms that barely cover their costs.

Bondora Promo Code for New Users

Bondora is always offering sign-up bonuses and promo-codes to give you an incentive to invest. Currently, every new investor that signs up with our link will receive a €5 bonus. The best part about this is that new users get the bonus right after registering. Many other P2P lending platforms only add the sign-up bonus after investors have added their funds or sometimes they even wait until after they’ve invested in loans.

Additionally, Bondora regularly offers promotions and rewards for loyal investors. Recently the platform gave out more than €25,000 to active investors that participated in the ‘Invest 2020’ promotion.

bondora promo code

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Bondora New User Requirements

If you’re over 18 years old and live in the EU, Switzerland or Norway, you’re eligible to invest on Bondora. If you happen to reside outside of the supported countries, Bondora needs to verify your application before you get access to their investment platform.

Unlike competitor platforms, Bondora’s sign-up process is very intuitive. Bondora also supports registration with Google and Facebook accounts to increase ease of signing up. This way, new users have more time to focus on their investments.

You can use the following money transfer services to add funds to your Bondora account:

  • Mastercard and Visa
  • Trustly
  • SEPA (bank transfer)
  • Klarna
  • Transferwise

Please note, that adding funds via bank transfer (SEPA) is the cheapest way to deposit money on Bondora. Transactions withTrustly as well as Klarna come with additional fees. You can also use your Transferwise borderless account to transfer funds.

We prefer to use the N26 bank account as it’s the most convenient option for us.

Risk and Returns Involved with this Platform

When investing, it’s important to understand the risk and safety of certain investments, and therefore conduce whether the risk and return ratio is aligned with your financial goals.

When investing in Bondora you’re investing in unsecured personal loans from Estonia, Spain and Finland.

Bondora has a very different business model when compared with most other P2P lending platforms such as Mintos, PeerBerry or Grupeer. Bondora isn’t only a platform that connects loan originators with investors, it also takes over the loan originator role itself. This means that Bondora lends money directly to the borrower, thus eradicating the middle-man that exists on platforms like Mintos.

Bondora’s direct line of communication with the borrower is particularly useful if payment delays occur or in case of a defaulted loan. As a result, you are essentially lowering your investment risks by investing in this platform. This isn’t the case with Mintos, as the platform primarily tracks the performance of loan originators rather than the performance of individual loans.

If you have invested on other platforms like Twino, PeerBerry or Mintos, you might be familiar with the buyback guarantee. Bondora does not offer this feature. The only way to minimize the risk is to diversify your portfolio as much as you can.

Unlike Twino, Bondora doesn’t repurchase your claims against the borrower after 60 days. If you invest on Bondora you will experience defaulted loans and they will lower your expected returns.

Bondora offers three different products with potentially different returns. We will review them individually in more detail later. The majority of investors use the Bondora Go and Grow product, which can be used as an alternative to a savings account with no protection scheme.

The annual return for Bondora Go and Grow is only 6.75% which is half of the net return that you can currently achieve with platforms such as PeerBerry or EstateGuru.

Is Bondora Safe?

Your investment on Bondora isn’t protected by a protection scheme. The only way to minimize your risk is to diversify as broadly as possible. Bondora’s Go and Grow will help you achieve this for the expected return of 6.75% per year.

Bondora’s Usability

Personalising Your Platform

In terms of usability, Bondora does a few things differently to other P2P lending sites. First of all, you can customize the entire dashboard to your own preference. This is useful as everyone can personalise Bondora and use it in a different way.

If you use the Bondora Go and Grow, you’ll find that some of the information that is relevant for investors that prefer to use the Portfolio Manager or Portfolio Pro might not be relevant to you.

You can simply customize how much information you see by clicking on your name in the top right corner and choosing change view.

Insights into Bondora’s Past Performance

Bondora also gives you access to various statistics that you can use to gain more insights about Bondora’s past performance. The statistics might be relevant to you if you invest a lot of money while using the advanced Portfolio Pro or Portfolio Manager. For Go and Grow users, the statistics won’t give much value.

It would be nice if Bondora could improve the structure of their statistics with some additional description as right now it’s not immediately clear what each chart is represents and how they affect the investor’s portfolio.

Bondora offers three different investment products. Let’s have a look at the differences between each of them to give you an idea which product is the best fit for you.

bondora statistics

Bondora Go and Grow Feature

Bondora Go and Grow is the most popular investment product. You can expect astable return of 6.75% per year, high diversification and fast liquidity.

Bondora’s Go and Grow is the ideal investment choice for beginners who don’t want to spend too much time educating themselves about P2P lending and comparing various P2P platforms.

Using this feature is easy and can be done within just one minute. You basically create a Go and Grow account, choose your investment purpose and define the starting amount, monthly contribution and the loan period. Before you save the settings, the tool will give you an estimate about the potential returns.

Your money within your Grow and Go account will be diversified across 90,000 loans. There is no better way to diversify your portfolio on Bondora with any other tool than Go & Grow.

If you decide to withdraw your capital, you can do so anytime for a withdrawal fee of €1.

The Go and Grow account is ideal for investors who want to use P2P lending as an alternative to savings accounts. You can set up monthly payments to your Bondora account and then you don’t have to worry about anything else. The Go and Grow tool will invest your added funds without any further actions from your site.

bondora go and grow

Portfolio Manager Feature

Bondora’s Portfolio Manager is their next best product. The main difference between this tool and Go and Grow is the liquidity and returns.

While with Go and Grow you can withdraw money instantly, with the Portfolio Manager you need to list them on the secondary market first and wait until someone purchases them for your desired price.

Also, the returns with Bondora’s Portfolio Manager can be higher but also more volatile than those with Go and Grow.

So, how does it work? With Bondora’s Portfolio Manager you can define your investment strategy as with Go and Grow. To get started, simply set up your starting investment amount, monthly contribution and investment period.

Apart from that, you can choose one of five different investment strategies based on your risk profile. Choose between a more conservative approach with lower risk and lower returns or a more opportunistic approach with high risk and higher potential returns.

Bondora is also going to show you a graph of how your investment is distributed across loan types (with ratings) as well as countries.

You can also use the Portfolio Manager to invest in loans on the secondary market if that’s something you are looking for.

bondora portfolio manager

Portfolio Pro Feature

Portfolio Pro gives you control over your diversification options. You can choose between three strategies or define all of the aspects such as a minimum investmentment amount, loan period and rating, interest rate, country and portfolio limit.

Bondora will show you the number of loans that match your criteria together with the expected return range and portfolio distribution.

bondora portfolio pro

While the Portfolio Manager and Portfolio Pro seem to yield higher returns than Go and Grow, you should remember that these tools don’t offer a buyback guarantee or any other protection that you can rely on.

This means that the expected return that Bondora is displaying for your automated investment strategy can fluctuate depending on the loans that are available at the time. In order to achieve your estimated returns, you should invest at least €50,000 so your investment is properly diversified. If you want to invest up to €10,000 your best bet is the Go and Grow portfolio.

Liquidity of your Investments

When investing you’re always moving money into different assets. Some of the assets might lock your capital for a certain amount of time. The same applies for P2P lending.

Your capital is locked at the very least for the duration of the investment period.

Is there a way to access your capital and withdraw your money earlier? Yes.

Investors using Bondora Go and Grow can withdraw money instantly. If you happen to use the Portfolio Manager or Portfolio Pro, you can sell your investments on the secondary market.

Secondary Market

A secondary market is a place where investors sell their claims against the borrowers. Most of the investors selling on the secondary market are doing so because they want to withdraw their capital and invest elsewhere, or because they think the borrower will not be able to repay the loan.

Investing on the secondary market is connected to higher risk. Investors trade opportunities for discounted prices. As there’s no real protection for your investments, we wouldn’t advise anyone invests on the secondary market.

If you decide to sell your investments on the secondary market, you will probably need to offer them for a lower price in order to make them more attractive to the buyer. Reducing the price, however, will lower your returns.

If you decide to sell your investments on the secondary market, you will probably need to offer them for a lower price in order to make them more attractive to the buyer. Reducing the price, however, will lower your returns.

The secondary market is, however, an option if a platform suffers from cash drag and you want to invest your money within that platform. The best case for this would be investing on Twino.

bondora secondary market

Bondora’s Customer Support

Every investor should make sure that the platforms they invest on have a solid support center. Bondora has over 90,000 investors. With such a large number of people relying on the platform, it’s especially important that their customer service is up to scratch.

Bondora’s FAQs Section

So, what’s Bondora’s support system like? The platform has automated the support wherever possible. Frequently asked questions are grouped together into categories and answered within a dedicated support section on Bondora’s website.

Bondora’s Feature Request Wishlist

Another nice feature is Bondora’s wishlist. Here, investors can submit their ideas for how the platform could be improved and others can upvote the requests they deem most valuable. The feature requests with the most votes are added to the platform’s backlog in order to be considered for creation. We had a look at Bondora’s current feature requests and noticed that one of them is a native Bondora app that will help you manage your investments on Bondora from anywhere.

bondora wishlist

We think this unique feature is great as it shows Bondora really listens to its customers and wants to create an environment within which investing is as simple as possible.

Bondora is also one of very few platforms that offer an API that allows you to create applications that help you to expand your control over the diversification of your portfolio.

Communicating with the Bondora Team

If you can’t find the answers to your questions on the support section, you can get in touch with Bondora by emailing them at or by calling them on +44 1568 6300 06.

Unfortunately, communicating with Bondora via email was a little disappointing. When we tested the support, we had to wait several days for a response, within which we were told that the support team was busy and that they would come back to us.

If you are someone that is just starting out with P2P lending and you’re having a hard time to answer all of your questions, we’d recommend you don’t rely on Bondora’s direct communication with investors.

Bondora vs. Mintos

Bondora is often compared to Mintos as both platforms offer very similar features. What many investors don’t know, however, is that the companies follow a fundamentally different business model. You might remember this from the beginning of this review.

Here is a table that will help you understand the key differences between the two platforms:

Number of investors:+ 91,000+ 220,400
Minimum investment amount:€5€10
Protection scheme:NoneBuyback Guarantee (60 days + interest for some of the loans)
Average interest:10.8%11.83%
Useful tools:Go and Grow, Portfolio Manager, Portfolio ProInvest and Access, Mintos Investment Strategies, Auto Invest
Countries you can invest in:332
Number of loan originators162

So, Which Platform is ‘Better’?

Even though you can compare certain features head to head, you won’t be able to tell right away which platform is better for your investment needs.

The number of investors is one metric that gives you an idea about the popularity of the platform, however, this stat doesn’t give you any information about the platform’s quality.

Comparing the Minimum Investment Amount

The minimum investment amount is valid for any manual investments as well as automated investments that were done with the Portfolio Manager, Portfolio Pro, Mintos Investment Strategies or Auto Invest. If you choose to invest with Go and Grow or Invest and Access, your minimum investment can be as low as €1.

When compared with platforms like EstateGuru or Crowdestate, where the minimum investment in one project is €50 or €100, the only conclusion you can draw is that you achieve solid diversification with less capital.

When it comes to the protection of your investment, it’s fair to say that Mintos would be a safer choice for most investors.

Average interest is something that shouldn’t be your main comparison criteria either, as this is a historical metric. Themore important metric is the interest of loans that are currently listed on the platform.

Comparison of Features

When looking at investment tools, both platforms offer more or less the same features. When you look at the earnings from tools that promise high liquidity (Go and Grow vs. Mintos Invest and Access), Mintos manages to deliver higher annual returns.

When looking at investment tools, both platforms offer more or less the same features. When you look at the earnings from tools that promise high liquidity (Go and Grow vs. Mintos Invest and Access), Mintos manages to deliver higher annual returns.

Comparing Availability of Current Loans

If we could give you one takeaway from this small platform comparison, it would be to look at the current availability of loans. Cash drag is an ongoing problem in the P2P lending industry.

You certainly don’t want your money to sit on the investment accounts, in case there aren’t enough available loans that would match your investment preferences. Check the current availability of loans and if you can’t find any that would match your investment strategy, just invest elsewhere.

Bondora Review Summary

Bondora is an interesting platform that likes to position itself as an alternative to savings accounts. While it could be a possible alternative, you should be aware of the risks connected to investmenting in P2P loans. Most notably, money on Bondora is not subject to any governmental protection schemes, whereas money in savings accounts are.

Any investor on Bondora can lose money. The safest way to protect your investment is to diversify your portfolio as much as you can. Tools such as Bondora Go and Grow will help you to achieve this while enabling you quick access to your funds.

If you’re looking for an alternative investment opportunity with high liquidity and returns of as high as 6.75% per year, Bondora’s Go & Grow might be a good option for you.

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Bondora Go and Grow vs. Mintos Invest and Access - which is better?

Both tools offer similar features, however, Mintos’s Invest and Access tool provides more safety due to the buyback guarantee as well as higher average returns as Bondora’s Go and Grow. Read our Mintos vs. Bondora section for more details.

Does Bondora offer a buyback guarantee?

Bondora does not offer a buyback guarantee on their loans. The only way to lower the protection is to diversify your portfolio. Find out more about this in the Risk and Returns section of this Bondora review.

Can I automate my investments on Bondora?

Yes, Bondora offers various tools that help you automate your investment strategy based on your financial goals and risk profile. If liquidity is an important factor for you, you can use the Go and Grow feature to create passive income with instant access to your capital.

What’s the average interest rate on Bondora?

The annual average interest is around 33%. But do note that it’s common for loans to default. The average net return on Bondora is currently at 10.80% per year. This is a historical metric and might not reflect the current offers on Bondora.

Company Information
Company:Bondora Capital OÜ
Address:A.H.Tammsaare tee 47, Tallinn 11316, Estonia
Phone:+44 1568 6300 06
Live Chat:No
Opening Hours:Weekdays from 9AM to 5PM
Social Media:Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube