Ekassa Review


There are too many RED FLAGS with Ekassa, which is why we do not suggest investing on this P2P platform.

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  • Invest in unsecured loans
  • Earn between 7% and 13% p.a.
  • Secured by buyback
  • Two automated strategies


Risk & Return0.5 stars
Usability2 stars
Liquidity2 stars
Support0 stars


Buyback GuaranteeYes
Auto InvestYes
Secondary MarketNo


Min. Investment€ 10
Loan Originators3
Loan Period1 month
Interest6.9% - 13%


  • Invest in short-term loans
  • Auto Invest
  • Buyback Guarantee
  • Lack of transparency
  • Limited diversification
  • No support
_Risk & Return
_Due Diligence

Ekassa Review

Ekassa is an Estonian P2P lending platform that connects investors with three Polish loan originators. The P2P lending platform lists short-term, unsecured consumer loans for a maximum of 28 days and investors earn an average interest of 7%-13% per annum.

Is Ekassa worth it? Find out more in our Ekassa review.

ekassa review

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Ekassa in Numbers

Before you sign up and invest money on any P2P lending platform, we suggest looking at their statistics as this will give you a good idea of the platform’s past performance.

Ekassa Statistics
Year founded:2019
Investor's earnings:+ €7,900
Total loan value:+ €40 M
Amount of investors:+1,550
Loss of investors' money:0%
Average portfolio size:€ -
Latest financial reportNot available

Ekassa does not provide any statistics whatsoever; investors have no access to data about the total loan value, number of investors or the average size of the portfolio.

We have reached out to Ekassa and requested additional information, but unfortunately, no one came back to us. Providing no statistics or customer support to answer simple questions are clear red flags that you should bear in mind before investing on this platform.

Ekassa’s New User Requirements

Signing up on Ekassa is easy and fast. The only new user requirements are that investors are over 18 years old, have a valid email address and provide a copy of their ID document.

To start investing, you need to transfer your funds to Ekassa’s bank account in Vilnius. When doing so, don’t forget to add your investor ID as a reference, so Ekassa can allocate your payment. The transfer should take no longer than two working days.

Ekassa Risk and Return

Before we can determine the ratio between risk and return, let’s have a look at how the platform works.

There is almost no information online about any of these loan originators. ProstyKredyt and PayDayLend are both registered under the same address, according to the data in the Polish business register. Ekassa Sp. is a Polish lending platform.

Buyback Guarantee

According to Ekassa, your investments are secured by a buyback guarantee. We had to dig deep in Ekassa’s FAQ section to find out that the buyback applies after the loan is delayed for 60 days. The buyback is provided by the lender, which we know almost nothing about.

According to the FAQ section, ‘Buyback’ and ‘“Guaranteed income’” are described as the same services with the only exception that the ‘Guaranteed income’ includes the accrued interest, whereas the buyback doesn’t.

ekassa buyback

What does this mean to the investor?

Well, you have the choice to invest in the ‘Guaranteed income’ portfolio which will guarantee you an income of 7.4%, plus accrued interests if late payments occur, or you can invest in the ‘profitable’ portfolio, where accrued interest isn’t paid out.

ekassa auto invest

We wouldn’t recommend investors consider either of the above options when they could easily invest on platforms like Robocash or Swaper, where they receive the accrued interest for their delayed payments. Additionally, both platforms offer a 30-day buyback guarantee.

Is Ekassa Safe?

At P2P Empire, we like to do a background check of every platform in our list of European P2P lending sites, and Ekassa is no exception. Let’s have a look at what we found.

Who Runs the Company?

Almost all legitimate P2P lending platforms understand the importance of building trust with investors. This includes having a proper About page explaining the company and introducing the team with employee photos. In fact, this is something every investor would expect from a European P2P lending platform that deals with their money.

With Ekassa, you only get a very weak understanding of their services and no description of people working at this company.

ekassa team

In fact, throughout the entire website, there is no mention of anyone from their team.

Where is the Platform Based?

We had to look at the terms and conditions to find out that the platform is operated by iaPlatform OÜ, which is registered at Ahtri str 12, Tallinn 10151, Estonia.

ekassa office

According to the Estonian business register, this company should be located in an office building with several other companies.

We could not verify this information as there is no sign of Ekassa or iaPlatform anywhere on the building.

Who is the Legal Owner of Ekassa?

As the terms and conditions don’t mention any names (and yes, we read all the fine print), we had to dig deeper. In the Estonian business registry, we were able to find the following email address:

A quick Google search led us to Dmytro Kushniruk. According to Dmytro’s LinkedIn profile, he worked at the Ukrainian bank PrivatBank for seven years. Before he joined iaPlatform as a CEO, Dmytro worked for two years at the Ukrainian Credit Dnepr Bank.

As well as his LinkedIn profile, we were able to find his Upwork profile, which wasn’t very informative.

We weren’t able to find any other links to Dmytro, which leaves a lot of unanswered questions.

We contacted the Ekassa support team to ask them the following questions, but no one ever came back to us:

  • Why is there no mention of the team on Ekassa? In most cases, the platform is registered under the same name as the website.
  • Why is there no mention about the CEO of the company? All of the platforms that we reviewed have a link to founders or people from the management.
  • Why does an ex-banker from Ukraine run a P2P platform registered in Estonia? Why is there no information about the legal owners of the company? Who is Dmytro Kushniruk?

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Ekassa on Facebook

Due to a lack of answers online and from the support team, we resorted to Ekassa’s Facebook profile to to and find some answers. The last update was from February 2019, which is almost one year ago. The post received 199 likes and one comment... which is a smiley face emoticon.

It’s fair to assume that those likes are the result of a simple Facebook ad. Basically Ekassa bought those likes to create some social cloud. This is common practice within the digital marketing world, however, it certainly does not increase trust in the company.

ekassa facebook

Are There Any Suspicious Terms & Conditions?

A large part of Ekassa’s terms and conditions are copied and pasted from platforms like PeerBerry, Mintos, Iuvo Group and Bondora.

You can look for yourself, simply copy and paste a sentence from the terms and conditions and insert it into Google.

ekassa terms

Alongside this, we have also spotted several typos in the copy, which is further reason for suspicion.

ekassa terms 1

What Else Should You be Aware of?

  • In section, Ekassa reserves the right to assign the claim to a third party.
  • In 8.5., the platform informs the user that neither the iaPlatform, or the third party they’ve delegated the servicing of the claim, are able to ensure the repayment of money lent under loan agreement and fulfillment of the loan.
  • In clause 9.5., the platform reserves the right to disclose users’ data to anyone that is somehow connected to the iaPlatform. The reality of this clause is that they can do whatever they want with your data.

At the end of the day, neither Ekassa or the operator are liable for the validity or legality of the assignment agreements between users and borrowers. Investors who decide to invest in Ekassa are fully aware of the possible risk that they might lose some or all of their investments.

It’s up to everyone to do their own due diligence and decide whether to trust a platform or not. We at P2P Empire were not convinced by Ekassa and we believe that there are plenty of other, and more trustworthy, platforms that deserve your attention instead.

Read our Bondster review to learn more about a suitable alternative to Ekassa.

If you want to read all the platforms’ terms and conditions, you can download them here.

Potential Red Flags

  • Ekassa's website has zero trust factors
  • Team behind the platform is unknown
  • Legal address of the website is a virtual address
  • The platform isn't answering any critical questions
  • Terms and conditions are copy-pasted from other platforms
  • Terms and conditions have grammar errors
  • Terms and conditions are not comprehensive
Learn more about possible red flags here.

Ekassa’s Usability

Ekassa is the least user-friendly P2P lending platform we have reviewed so far. While the registration is quite straightforward, the user interface is very outdated.

The auto invest tool is quite confusing and it’s not clear how it works unless you dig through the platform’s FAQ section.

Alongside using the auto invest tool, you can invest manually.

There is almost no additional information about the loans you are funding.

Ekassa Liquidity

We’re not aware of any options to sell your investments before the end of the loan term and there isn’t a secondary market. Most of the investments are, however, shorter than 26 days, which means investors don’t lock their funds for too long unless the borrower decides to delay its payments. In cases like these, you might wait another 60 days.

Ekassa’s Customer Support

We reached out to Ekassa twice and never received a reply. We can therefore not give any positive evaluation of Ekassa’s support. Customer support is an important factor for many new investors that need further education about a platform’s operations.

Ekassa’s customer support is particularly poor, especially when compared with that on Mintos or EstateGuru, which we have a much better customer support. Have a look at our Estateguru review to learn more about our experience.

Ekassa Review Summary

Ekassa has been reviewed by many other P2P lending comparison sites, and in most cases the platform receives a surprisingly good rating. From our time spent using and researching the platform, we cannot confirm these positive reviews as our experience involved too many red flags, and as a result, we would recommend that investors steer clear of this P2P lending site.

If you want to invest in a trustworthy P2P platform, we suggest having a look at our other P2P lending platform reviews.

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Company Information
Company:iaPlatform OÜ
Address:Ahtri str 12, Tallinn 10151, Estonia
Live Chat:No
Opening Hours:-
Social Media:Facebook