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Are you sick of Mintos’ excuses and poor diligence of its lending companies? We show you the best Mintos alternatives.

The 10 Best Mintos Alternatives

Investing on Mintos at the moment is like buying expired milk with a hidden expiration date. If safety is a concern of yours (and it should be), move your funds to suitable Mintos alternatives.

Mintos is still the market leader, however, due to the recent negative events such as loan extensions, pending payments, and suspensions of loan originators, you shall consider moving your investments to a more reliable P2P platform.

These are just a few reasons why we have decided to leave Mintos. Read more about it in the “red flag section” within our Mintos review.

And who better to advise you than the P2P Empire team?

We’ve been investing on various P2P lending sites since 2017 and we monitor P2P platforms on a daily basis which gives us a good idea about legitimate players vs those that aren’t protecting of your investments.

In this article, you’ll learn about 2020’s best Mintos alternatives.

But, before we get started on our favourite Mintos alternatives, let’s have a closer look at why you should be thinking about finding one…

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Why Find an Alternative to Mintos?

Every P2P investor has different preferences when it comes to P2P lending platforms, so it’s important to determine why you want to invest on a different P2P platform in the first place.

Most likely, you’re hoping to diversify your portfolio to lower your risk and secure your yields, but there are many other reasons you could be choosing to find a Mintos alternative.

We’ve listed a few reasons below:

Why Should You Look for a Mintos Alternative

  • They follow a different business model to a platform you’re currently investing on
  • They list different loan types to your current platform
  • It will bring you higher yields than your current platform does
  • It has a greater availability of loans, and is less likely to fall victim to cash drag
  • It offers good cashback bonuses for new and loyal investors
  • It offers better liquidity
  • It has greater protection over your investments

Reasons to leave Mintos

  • Mintos doesn't do a good job in monitoring the performance of their lending companies
  • The buyback guarantee, as well as the group guarantee, are simply false promises that aren't being kept
  • Mintos' data isn't always in line with the data of the lending companies - this makes the statistics inaccurate
  • Mintos keeps suspending lending companies every month
  • Mintos' ratings don't provide much value as a lender can be downgraded from B to D in a matter of days
  • Lending companies can repurchase your loans and re-list them on Mintos for a lower interest

Best Mintos Alternatives

Okay, without further ado, let’s have a look at these Mintos alternatives, then!

We have updated this list for you on the 22/09/2020.

Mintos AlternativesAverage InterestProtectionInvestment Type
EstateGuru11.8%MortgageReal Estate
PeerBerry10.29%Buyback GuaranteeShort-Term
Bondora G&G6.75%UnsecuredConsumer
VIAINVEST12%Buyback GuaranteeShort-Term
NEO Finance18%UnsecuredConsumer
Viventor13.6%Buyback GuaranteeConsumer
TWINO11%Buyback GuaranteeShort-Term
Reinvest2414.6%MortgageReal Estate
EvoEstate16.32%MortgageReal Estate

1. EstateGuru


EstateGuru in Short:

  • Property-backed P2P loans
  • Excellent risk assessment
  • 95% secured by a 1st rank mortgage
  • €0 loss of investors’ money

Why is EstateGuru a Good Mintos Alternative?

EstateGuru is an Estonian P2P lending platform that lists property-backed loans. Unlike Mintos, EstateGuru’s protection is strong as investments are secured by mortgages.

EstateGuru collaborates directly with developers rather than loan originators. Since EstateGuru’s 2014 inception, not a single investor has ever lost a euro, which is an encouraging stat! And equally encouraging: EstateGuru currently has over 48,000 investors with an average portfolio size of €4,087.

Learn more about EstateGuru.

Ready to secure your portfolio?

Or check out our comprehensive EstateGuru review

2. PeerBerry


PeerBerry in Short:

  • High availability of loans
  • Automate your portfolio with their auto invest tool
  • High liquidity due to short-term loans
  • Responsive support

Why is PeerBerry a Good Mintos Alternative?

Founded in 2017, this Latvian platform is a marketplace for P2P loans, which makes it very similar to Mintos. PeerBerry lists loans from 17 different loan originators.

The platform offers loan terms up to 60 months, however, we only use it for short-term investments. With no cash drag and the minimum investment amount of only €10, PeerBerry is a suitable alternative to Mintos.

PeerBerry investments are also protected by the 60-day buyback guarantee. The difference between Mintos and PeerBerry is that all the loan originators on PeerBerry also pay the accrued interest for delayed payments, which isn’t always the case with Mintos.

Whereas Mintos' lending companies can finance up to 90% of their loan book through Mintos, PeerBerry's lending companies finance max. 40 - 45% of their loans with PeerBerry.

Learn more about PeerBerry.

Pretty impressive, huh?

Or, read more about this platform in our comprehensive PeerBerry review

3. Debitum Network

debitum network

Debitum Network in Short:

  • Invest P2B loans secured by buyback and collateral
  • Minimum investment from €10
  • Excellent monitoring of your assets
  • One of the most user-friendly platforms

Why is Debitum a Good Mintos Alternative?

Debitum Network is a P2B marketplace with a solid track record. While on Mintos you’re funding unsecured P2P loans from which most of them are payday loans, on Debitum Network you’re funding business loans from legitimate lending companies.

Loan originators on Debitum Network provide not only a buyback guarantee but also collateral for all of their loans.

Some of your investments are even insured.

Debitum Network is known for its excellent monitoring of its lending companies. It’s the only P2P lending site which was able to protect investors’ money before Aforti (lender) declared bankruptcy.

Investors that invested in Aforti loans on Mintos have lost their money.

Like the sound of Debitum Network?

Or, read more about this platform in our Debitum Network review

4. Bondora Go & Grow


Bondora in Short:

  • Invest in consumer loans
  • Very easy to use
  • Automated investments
  • High liquidity

Why is Bondora a Good Mintos Alternative?

Bondora's Go and Grow product is the easiest way to invest in P2P loans. The product offers fast liquidity during normal market conditions. We have tested this feature ourselves in the beginning of September 2020 and we have received the full amount of €1,000 to our bank account within 1 minute.

By investing in Go & Grow you are investing in a pool of thousands of loans.

This means that you will achieve a rather broad diversification.

On Mintos you are investing in thousands of loans from other lending companies which often don't fulfill their obligations. If we would make a Bondora vs Mintos comparison, Bondora is certainly doing a better job in keeping up their promises.

Bondora's Go and Grow is suitable for investors who want high liquidity. There's currently not a better product when it comes to the withdrawal speed. You don't need to wait until the end of the loan term or sell your investments on the secondary market. Just click on withdraw and get all of your money back to your bank account instantly.

Learn more about Bondora Go & Grow.

Keen to automate your investments with Bondora?

Or, see our Bondora review to keep reading about this platform




  • Invest in short-term loans
  • Automate your portolio with Auto Invest
  • Excellent liquidity
  • Earn up to 12% interest per year

Why is VIAINVEST a Good Mintos Alternative?

On VIAINVEST you can only invest in loans from loan originators operating under the same group.

This can often lead to cash drag when the lender has enough of its own capital to fund its loans. This is quite common, which is why VIAINVEST isn’t on top of our list.

However, in times when there’re enough available loans, you can expect regular payments and the 30-day buyback guarantee works without any problems.

VIAINVEST doesn’t use dirty tricks like pending payments for which you won’t receive any interest. The platform is backed by a profitable lending group which increases the safety of your investments.

When investing on VIAINVEST, we only fund consumer loans with the loan status “current”. The P2P platform recently started offering business loans from Vietnam or Switzerland. When it comes to P2B loans, we prefer to use Debitum.

Like this Mintos Alternative?

Or, head over and read our brilliant VIAINVEST review to find out more about this platform

6. NEO Finance


NEO Finance in Short:

  • Safest P2P platform in Europe
  • Full control of your investments
  • Optional provision fund
  • High interest up to 27% p.a.

Why is NEO Finance a Good Mintos Alternative?

NEO Finance is a P2P lending platform form Lithuania. Lithuania is known for the strictest regulations of P2P lending sites in the Baltics.

NEO Finance is also currently the only platform that offers investors dedicated IBAN accounts. Your uninvested funds are therefore stored in your bank account and not on separate business accounts of the platform.

On NEO Finance you’re funding consumer loans from Lithuania. The P2P platform is one of the top alternative lenders in the country. The platform is very transparent and their diligence process is very clear compared to P2P marketplaces such as Mintos.

By investing on NEO Finance you invest in unsecured consumer loans. The P2P lending site does offer an optional provision fund which you can use if you decide to do so.

While it’s not the most user-friendly platform to start with, their customer support is very responsive and keen to help you out, should you have any questions.

Ready to earn on average 18% interest per year?

Get familiar with the P2P platform in our NEO Finance review

7. Viventor


Viventor in Short:

  • Invest in loans from seven loan originators
  • Backed by a 30-, 60- or 90-day buyback guarantee
  • Earn up to 16% per annum
  • Save time with the auto invest tool

Why is Viventor a Good Mintos Alternative?

Viventor is a good Mintos alternative, for it offers different loans from loan originators that aren’t listed on Mintos.

Your investments on Viventor are also secured by a buyback guarantee. On Viventor you are also mostly funding consumer loans with loan terms of 1-84 months. Currently, the platform has over 7,600 investors with an average portfolio size of €4,279.

Viventor is also one of the P2P lending marketplaces that improved transparency. The P2P lending site launched its podcast where you’ll learn more about the platform and its loan originators. Watch the latest podcast, where we asked Viventor how they monitor their lending companies.

Keen to earn money with Viventor?

Or, watch our discussion with Viventor in our Viventor review.



TWINO in Short:

  • Invest in short-term loans
  • Additional payment guarantee
  • Investments in EUR and GBP
  • iOS and Android App

Why is TWINO a Good Mintos Alternative?

TWINO is a P2P lending platform that uses the platform to receive additional funding for their loan originations in Russia, Poland, Latvia, and Kazakhstan.

The lender made €8.7 M in 2018 and we’re waiting for the annual reports for 2019 to be published soon. The company also holds a solid cash reserve to cover your withdrawal requests at any time.

TWINO has been operating as a lending company since 2009 and the platform was launched in 2015. Since then, over 20,000 investors earned more than €1 M in interest by investing on TWINO.

While you might encounter occasional cash drag, the availability of loans on TWINO is usually higher than on platforms like VIAINVEST or Robocash.

All of our loans on TWINO are current and we haven’t had any issues by investing on this P2P platform.

Ready to invest on TWINO?

Or, read more on this platform with our comprehensive TWINO review.

9. Reinvest24


Reinvest24 in Short:

  • Invest in rental properties
  • Minimum investment from €100
  • Lower risk and stable cash flow
  • Increase your platform diversification

Why is Reinvest24 a Good Mintos Alternative?

Reinvest24 is very different to Mintos; for one, instead of funding loans, Reinvest24 users fund rental properties. This works as investors collectively buy a rental property and earn the rental income.

The property usually increases in value over time, which ultimately raises the yield from your investments. Reinvest24 is a great alternative to Mintos as the platform offers a fundamentally different investment type which is also secured by a first-rank mortgage.

Learn how to invest in REITS in our latest video:

Ready to try a new strategy?

Alternatively, keep reading about this platform in our comprehensive Reinvest24 review.

10. EvoEstate


EvoEstate in Short:

  • Invest in real estate
  • Diversify across 20 platforms
  • Free auto invest cancelation
  • Great liquidity

Why is EvoEstate a Good Mintos Alternative?

Want to diversify your P2P portfolio on various real estate platforms? You can do so by using EvoEstate, an aggregator for real estate platforms that currently lists development projects that can be found on another 20 European crowdfunding platforms.

EvoEstate helps diversify your portfolio, minimize cash drag and increase your returns. Another great difference between EvoEstate and Mintos is that the former invests their own money in various real estate projects, while Mintos does not have any “skin in the game”.

Get personal with EvoEstate - watch our latest interview with the CEO Gustas Germanavicius.

Ready to do this?

Or, keep reading about this platform in the comprehensive EvoEstate review.

Final Thoughts on Mintos’s Alternatives

Okay, so we’ve worked out that diversifying your portfolio is a smart move, and we’ve had a brief look at the best Mintos alternatives to help you do this.

If you’re ready to invest, simply sign up using our links above. Alternatively, find out more by reading our in-depth individual P2P lending reviews, which are specially tailored to help you choose the platform that fits your needs.

Happy investing!

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