PeerBerry vs Mintos

Compare the most popular P2P lending platforms PeerBerry vs Mintos

Mintos vs PeerBerry

Here we will be comparing the two popular P2P lending platforms, PeerBerry and Mintos to give you more clarity on which is the better platform to invest in.

PeerBerry is a smaller and younger platform than Mintos, however, it is growing in popularity due to positive financial results, and has excellent user reviews.

Mintos is the largest and most popular marketplace in Europe where investors are drawn to the large investor base and amount of lending companies available.

Below you will see a full breakdown comparison between the two platforms, to help you discern which is right for you.

Investor base382.00030.000
Operating since20152017
Minimum investment amount€10€10
Deposit / withdrawalsWithin two daysWithin two days
Protection60-day buyback obligation (not always reliable)60-day buyback + group guarantee (very reliable)
Interest for delayed paymentsOnly for selected lending companiesYes for all lending companies
Defaults€1.2M defaults and bad debt, over €90 M is capital in recovery0% defaults
Average interest12.08% p.a., the net return is unknown10.95% p.a., the net return is between 11% and 12%
Loan typesShort-term or personal loansShort-term loans and leasing
Secondary marketYes for a 0.85% fee, not very liquid, cash-out option for automated strategies is limitedNo
Auto InvestYesYes
RatingsRisk ScoreNo Ratings required
Diversification67 lending companies from 33 countries23 lending companies from 8 countries
Total loan volume€6 B€367 M
Interest earned€135,000,000€4,200,000
Outstanding portfolio€400 M€40.8 M

The data in the table has been updated in March 2021.

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Risk and Return

Next, we will look at the risk and returns for each of the platforms, the first being PeerBerry.

An excellent feature of Peerberry is that investors do not need to deal with suspended lenders, taking away the worry that their money may get locked.

Although it is a less developed platform than Mintos, PeerBerry did turn a much bigger profit (€280,000) in 2019 versus Mintos taking a loss (almost €1 M) in the same year.

Looking at Mintos, there are currently 21 suspended or defaulted lenders and the marketplace is trying to recover €90 M of investors’ funds.

We have also seen the introduction of pending payments, loan extensions, and funds in recovery. Those measures cripple your liquidity and by extension, lower your expected returns.

Something else to note is that Mintos is changing their terms and conditions in order to protect its own interest. The introduction of loan extensions back in 2020 was rolled out to all active loans, meaning that the loan could have been extended for another 6 months. As this isn’t in favor of the investors, Mintos clearly breached its own terms and conditions. As the platform isn’t regulated, there’s no consequence for Mintos and it’s down to you as an investor to obey the new terms.


When speaking about usability, PeerBerry has a simple but efficient platform that manages to fulfill investors’ expectations.

Mintos offers more features than PeerBerry such as pre-defined investment strategies, lender ratings, and has a secondary market. The platform aims to make investing ‘easier’ for the user.


In terms of liquidity, the predefined strategies on Mintos promise fast liquidity, given the fact that another investor will buy your claims against the borrowers. When considering the higher number of deals on the secondary market, we wouldn’t rely too much on the promise of fast cash-out options on Mintos.

On PeerBerry, you don’t have a secondary market but the majority of their loans are short-term loans, meaning that you can access your money usually within one month.


Something to always bear in mind is the accessibility of support on P2P lending platforms.

With Mintos, you can contact their support team via email at There is also a help center on their website answering a lot of FAQ’s as well as a live chat function.

PeerBerry has also excellent support services, with live chat, a support email address, and a customer service phone number, on top of their own FAQ section on their website.

Final Verdict: Mintos vs PeerBerry

In summary, PeerBerry is best for those looking for a simple but efficient platform that still manages to fulfill your expectations. It has excellent statistics and user feedback.

peerberry review

Mintos offers more features than PeerBerry and also has a secondary market. It also is more established and offers more lending opportunities with a broader range of companies to invest in. This platform is more suited to those looking for more sophisticated investment products.

mintos review

We recommend reading our Mintos review as well as our PeerBerry review to be up to date about the latest developments of both companies.

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