P2P Lending Platform Comparison

Compare the most popular P2P lending platforms in Europe

Compare P2P Lending Platforms

Are you researching individual P2P lending platforms and wondering which is the best fit for you? No worries, we have got you covered. In our P2P lending platform comparison, you will get a quick overview of the most important metrics that influence your experience with the P2P lending platform.

PlatformAverage InterestProtection SchemeAuto InvestLiquidityOur Rating
Iuvo Group9.2%BuybackYesMedium4/5
Bondora (Go & Grow)6.75%NoneYesHigh3.5/5
Heavy Finance11.87%CollateralYesLow3.5/5
NEO Finance16.53%NoneYesMedium3.5/5

Please note that we have not included platforms with a lower rating than 3 out of 5 as the risk on those platforms is exponentially higher than the potential return. We highly recommend reading our P2P lending platform reviews before you start investing.

Comparison criteria explained

When it comes to comparing P2P lending platforms, we are looking at close to a hundred data points. To list everything in one table would not be very useful, which is why we have created individual reviews for every single P2P lending platform on our website.

Read the P2P lending reviews to get additional information on your potential P2P lending platform. You should always conduct your own research and have a look at the underlying loans in which you are investing.

We at P2P Empire will help you narrow down your selection and short-list the best P2P lending platforms for you.

But before you dive deeper into P2P lending, let’s explain the comparison criteria which we have used in our comparison table.

Average Interest

Average interest is the interest rate that is being promoted on a P2P lending platform. Most platforms show the average interest rate of the currently outstanding portfolio. This is an important metric as it will give you a rough idea about the range of returns that you can expect.

How important is this metric?

This metric is important as it sets your expectations towards investing on a particular platform. You should, however, note that the average interest rate doesn’t represent the net return from P2P lending. Every P2P investor should analyze the outstanding portfolio and calculate the potential loss in form of defaults. This is particularly important for bigger P2P lending platforms that offer you to download their loan book.

Protection Scheme

A protection scheme represents the security of your investments. In the P2P lending industry, we can differentiate between five different levels of securities.

  1. No protection
  2. Collateral & Personal Guarantees
  3. Buyback Guarantee
  4. Mortgage
  5. Cryptoassets

Every platform offers slightly different protection for your investments. The offered protection has a significant influence on the performance of your investments.

How important is this metric?

The protection scheme has an influence on the risk that you are taking by investing in P2P loans. You should know that on every P2P lending platform, you as an investor, bear the default risk. A protection scheme is as good as the underlying loan that you’re investing in.

Note that the evaluation of the collateral or mortgage, the debt collection procedures as well as the lender’s lending practices have an impact on the quality of the offered securities.

Auto Invest

Auto Invest is a tool that helps you define your investment criteria and automate your investments on individual platforms. The Auto Invest will save you time as it will invest on your behalf. In fact, more than 60% of investors use the Auto Invest to invest in loans automatically.

How important is this metric?

If you are investing in consumer loans, the Auto Invest, is likely one of the most important features of the platform. If you are investing in business loans that are either secured by a mortgage or by collateral, you might want to have a look at the underlying securities to better evaluate the risk of your investments. In this scenario, many investors prefer to invest manually.


Liquidity represents the time it takes to withdraw your investments. Note, that the liquidity of your investments is dependent on the loan period as well as on the platform’s features and market conditions.

Many platforms offer products that will help you to liquidate your portfolio prior to the end of the loan.

In order to give you an idea how fast you can withdraw your investments we have segmented the P2P lending platforms into three "liquidity levels":

  1. High 👉 withdraw your investments within two months
  2. Medium 👉 withdraw your investments within 6 months (this level was also assigned to platforms with a secondary market)
  3. Low 👉 withdraw your investments within 36 months (those platforms don't offer a secondary market)

How important is this metric?

Being able to exit your investments anytime is a huge benefit. It significantly increases the flexibility of your investments which allows you to react to changes in the market. Investing on a P2P lending platform that allows you to exit your investments within short-period decreases your risk towards P2P loans.

Our Rating

Our rating on P2P Empire is a total metric of our objective and subjective impressions which are based on our own research and our long-term experience within the P2P lending industry. We update our ratings on a regular basis to reflect any changes that might have an impact on the performance of your portfolio.

How important is this metric?

Our independent ratings consist of close to a hundred rating criteria which all influence your experience with P2P lending. Our platform ratings are always relative to other platforms. We always base our ratings on information that we have access to. You should check our ratings on a regular basis to keep in the loop about the latest news from the industry.

The Best P2P Lending Platforms

Based on our research and long-term experience, the best P2P platforms for retail investors are currently PeerBerry and EstateGuru.


PeerBerry offers high liquidity with their short-term loans, originated by profitable lending companies that apply sustainable lending practices. Furthermore, PeerBerry offers a reliable group as well as a buyback guarantee on all of their loans.

Learn more about PeerBerry.

Pretty impressive, huh?


EstateGuru is the fastest growing crowdfunding platform for real estate loans. Your investments are backed by a first-rank mortgage and so far, none of the investors ever lost any money on EstateGuru.

We have been investing on both platforms for more than three years without any loss of capital.

Learn more about EstateGuru.

Ready to secure your portfolio?

Are you wondering how those two platforms compare to other options? Watch our dedicated comparisons.

PeerBerry vs Mintos

EstateGuru vs EvoEstate

Mintos vs Bondora

Crowdestate vs EstateGuru

Ready to start investing in loans? Here is our in-depth guide about how to lend money for profit that will help you get started with P2P lending.


P2P lending is a high-risk investment and we cannot guarantee any specific returns. The content on P2P Empire is based on extensive research and long-term experience within the P2P lending space. Note, that the industry is constantly changing which is why you should conduct your own research and monitor your portfolio on a regular basis. We don’t offer any investment advice and by investing in P2P loans you expose yourself to the risk of losing money.

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