10 Best P2P Lending Platforms in Europe

Want to invest in P2P loans but don't know where? Here are the best P2P lending platforms.

Best P2P Lending Platforms for 2021

Are you looking for Europe’s best P2P lending platforms in 2021? Look no further. We have reviewed and tested over 40 different P2P lending platforms in Europe, and in this article, we list 10 of the best P2P platforms when it comes to offering investors the highest yield while keeping their investments safe.

Here's a quick comparison of the best P2P lending platforms for 2020. Wondering what has changed? Check out our table below.

At P2P Empire, our biggest passion is reviewing and testing P2P lending platforms, and our reviews are nothing less than meticulous.

In fact, when reviewing a P2P lending site, we look at 93 different factors!

In this post, however, we will simplify our process and let you know how we’ve determined which P2P platforms are the best to invest in right now.

You should know that..

  • This list has been updated on the 24/03/2021
  • We are investing on all of the listed P2P lending platforms
  • The order represents our own opinion
  • The list also includes P2B platforms and marketplaces
  • There's no guarantee of any specific returns
  • P2P lending always comes with risks
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Primary Criteria

So, how have we chosen the best P2P lending platforms?

First and foremost, we’ve looked at the risk and return ratio, and we’ve measured this by finding information about each P2P platform’s average interest, protection and loan types.

  • Average interest: Looking at a P2P platform’s average interest will give you an idea of how much yield you should expect when investing there.
  • Protection: Every P2P lending platform has a slightly different protection scheme, which increases or lowers the risk that comes with P2P lending.
  • Loan type: Every loan type is subject to different risks. Diversification across multiple loan types is our recommended P2P investment strategy for 2021.

Secondary Criteria

Secondly, we have also evaluated each P2P platform’s features (which greatly influence a user’s investing experience) when determining the best P2P lending platforms in Europe.

  • Availability of loans: The P2P platform should have enough available loans that you can invest in, so we have excluded platforms that often suffer from cash drag.
  • Secondary market: Liquidity is an important criterion for every P2P investor. We have also listed the best P2P platforms that allow you to exit your investments within three months.
  • Auto invest: Many P2P investors use lending sites to create a passive income stream. For this reason, in our list of the best P2P lending platforms in Europe, we prioritize those platforms that allow you to automate your investment strategy.
  • Customer support: Customer support very much influences customer satisfaction, which we care about a lot. If you are just starting out with P2P lending, you should be able to rely on the P2P platform to help you with your investment journey, which is why we added this criterion when picking the best P2P lending platform.
  • Trust factor: We have conducted a comprehensive background check of every platform on our list. Trust is an important factor that should be considered when choosing the best P2P lending platform. Learn more about it in our in-depth platform reviews.

As a result of the completion of the above due diligence, the below P2P lending platforms are those that offer high returns, protection and liquidity, as well as excellent features to make investing as simple and stress-free as possible.

So, then, without further ado, let’s have a look at the best P2P lending platforms in Europe.

Best European P2P Lending Platforms

P2P PlatformAverage InterestProtectionInvestment Type
EstateGuru11.48%MortgageReal Estate
PeerBerry12.04%Buyback GuaranteeShort-Term
Robocash11.60%Buyback GuaranteeConsumer
Debitum9.01%Buyback GuaranteeBusiness
Iuvo Group9.2%Buyback GuaranteeConsumer
Heavy Finance11.60%CollateralAgriculture
Reinvest2414.6%MortgageReal Estate
TWINO11%Buyback GuaranteeShort-Term

1. Estateguru

p2p platform estateguru

EstateGuru Highlights

  • Property-backed P2P loans
  • Excellent risk assessment
  • 95% secured by a 1st rank mortgage
  • €0 loss of investors’ money
EstateGuru Overview
Average Interest:11.48%
Loan Type:Real Estate
Availability of Loans:Good (3/5)
Secondary Market:Yes
Auto Invest:Yes
Customer Support:Exceptional (5/5)
Trust Factor:Exceptional (5/5)


  • Secured by a mortgage
  • Automated investments
  • No cash drag & stable returns
  • Cons

  • Limited Diversification
  • Not suitable for short-term investors
  • No instant withdrawals
  • EstateGuru is our favorite real estate P2P lending platform in Europe, partially due to the fact that the team does an excellent job at risk assessment. As a result, since EstateGuru’s inception in 2014, none of their investors have ever lost any money.

    Also, 95% of the real estate loans are secured by a first-rank mortgage which is also one of the reasons why EstateGuru managed to acquire more than 70,000 investors. EstateGuru is one of the safest P2P lending platforms. The platform has also clearly gained its investors’ trust, for EstateGuru also has one of the highest average portfolio sizes.

    Have a look at our €6000 EstateGuru portfolio and find out how EstateGuru works in our in-depth EstateGuru review.

    Ready to invest on EstateGuru?

    Read our comprehensive EstateGuru review

    2. PeerBerry

    p2p platform peerberry

    PeerBerry Highlights

    • High availability of loans
    • Automate your portfolio with Auto Invest
    • High liquidity due to short-term loans
    • Responsive support
    PeerBerry Overview
    Average Interest:12.04%
    Protection:Buyback Guarantee
    Loan Type:Short-term
    Availability of Loans:Good (3/5)
    Secondary Market:No
    Auto Invest:Yes
    Customer Support:Exceptional (5/5)
    Trust Factor:Exceptional (5/5)


  • Buyback + Additional Guarantee
  • Loyalty Bonus up to 1%
  • No cash drag & stable returns
  • Cons

  • Limited Diversification
  • Not suitable for long-term investors
  • No instant withdrawals
  • PeerBerry is a marketplace for loans. The loans are originated by 22 lenders from two large finance groups - the Aventus Group and Gofingo. Most loans have a loan term of less than one month, which makes PeerBerry a good alternative for investors who want to participate in micro loan investing.

    PeerBerry is also a good alternative to Mintos, as investors can diversify across loan originators that aren’t listed on Mintos. Additionally, the average interest rate in recent months is actually higher on PeerBerry than it is on Mintos, which is pretty impressive. Last but not least, all PeerBerry investments, and the accrued interest, are secured by a 60-day buyback guarantee.

    Watch our PeerBerry experiences after €10.000 and two years of investing on PeerBerry.

    Ready to invest on PeerBerry?

    Read our comprehensive PeerBerry review

    3. Robocash

    robocash review

    Robocash Highlights

    • Loans from a profitable finance group
    • Easy-to-use platform
    • 30-day buyback guarantee
    • Stable return of 12%
    Robocash Overview
    Average Interest:11.60%
    Protection:Buyback Guarantee
    Loan Type:Consumer / Commercial
    Availability of Loans:Good (3/5)
    Secondary Market:Yes
    Auto Invest:Yes
    Customer Support:Good (3/5)
    Trust Factor:Good (3/5)


  • Profitable finance Group
  • Suitable for passive investors
  • Very easy to use
  • Cons

  • Outdated design
  • No statistics
  • Secondary market only for long-term loans
  • Robocash is one of the most underrated P2P lending platforms in 2021. The P2P lending site offers investments in lending companies from the Robocash Group which has been operating on the lending market since 2013. In fact, only about 12% of Robocash's loans are financed via P2P which means that the Robocash Group applies sustainable lending practices which decrease the risk for P2P investors.

    Robocash is one of the smaller P2P lending sites, as the Robocash Group mainly focuses on their lending business. Despite the slow development of the website, the Robocash investment platform offers solid risk adjusted returns and manges to fulfill all obligations towards their investors.

    Learn more about Robocash.

    Ready to invest on Robocash?

    Read our in-depth Robocash review

    4. Debitum Network

    debitum network

    Debitum Network Highlights

    • Invest P2B loans secured by buyback and collateral
    • Minimum investment from €50
    • Functional Auto Invest
    • One of the most user-friendly platforms
    Debitum Network Overview
    Average Interest:8.80%
    Protection:Buyback + Collateral
    Loan Type:Business
    Availability of Loans:Good (3/5)
    Secondary Market:No
    Auto Invest:Yes
    Customer Support:Good (3/5)
    Trust Factor:OK (2/5)


  • Secured business loans
  • Automated investment strategies
  • Intuitive P2P platform
  • Cons

  • Lower returns
  • Not very transparent
  • No instant withdrawals
  • Debitum Network is currently one of few P2P platforms that offer investments in business loans. All of your P2P investments are secured by a buyback guarantee as well as collateral. Collateral could be property, inventory, invoices or company stocks. Furthermore, the business owner also provides its own personal guarantee.

    Debitum Network is also the only P2P lending platform which publishes financial evaluation of their lenders. You can learn about the lender's profits, debt / equity ratio, skin in the game and other metrcis that you can use to set up your auto invest.

    Wondering how P2P lending compares to investing in stocks? Have a look at our in-depth comparison between P2P lending vs stocks.

    Currently, Debitum Network collaborates with 9 loan originators from six countries. If you sign up on Debitum Network you'll receive a special cashback bonus. Learn more about the current offers in our Debitum Network review.

    Ready to join Debitum Network?

    Read our comprehensive Debitum Network review

    5. Iuvo Group

    p2p iuvo group

    Iuvo Group Highlights

    • Invest in consumer loans
    • Earn up to 15% per year
    • High availability of loans
    • 30% Skin in the Game
    Iuvo Group Overview
    Average Interest:9.2%
    Protection:Unsecured, Cars
    Loan Type:Consumer
    Availability of Loans:Good (3/5)
    Secondary Market:Yes
    Auto Invest:Yes
    Customer Support:Very Good (4/5)
    Trust Factor:Very Good (4/5)


  • Loans secured by buyback and collateral
  • Profitable loan originators
  • 30% Skin in the Game
  • Cons

  • 1% fee for trades on the secondary market
  • Higher risk in certain countries
  • Lower yields compared to the competition
  • Iuvo Group is a Bulgarian P2P lending marketplace owned by the Easy Asset Management Group that is the company behind several loan originators that list their loans on Iuvo’s marketplace. You can earn on average 9.2% per year by investing in consumer loans from Bulgaria, Romania, and Russia.

    The investment term on Iuvo Group is between 3 and 12 months. The secondary market allows you to sell your investments in case you need to withdraw your money before the end of the loan period. There’s 1% fee for sell-offs on the secondary market.

    The real benefit that you are getting by investing on Iuvo Group is that you’re funding loans from profitable lending companies that have 30% Skin in the Game. This adds additional security to your P2P portfolio.

    IUVO is also the only marketplace that lists secured car loans from IBANCAR.

    Ready to earn money?

    Read our comprehensive Iuvo Group review

    6. EvoEstate

    p2p platform evoestate

    EvoEstate Highlights

    • Invest in real estate
    • Diversify across 20 platforms
    • Free Auto Invest cancelation
    • Great liquidity
    EvoEstate Overview
    Average Interest:10.97%
    Loan Type:Real Estate
    Availability of Loans:Very Good (4/5)
    Secondary Market:Yes
    Auto Invest:Yes
    Customer Support:Very Good (4/5)
    Trust Factor:Very Good (4/5)


  • Exceptional diversification
  • Amazing liqudity
  • "Skin in the Game"
  • Cons

  • Short track record
  • No investment agreement
  • Not regulated
  • Do you want to build a well-diversified real estate portfolio with P2P lending? Well, if you’ve spent much time researching this, you’ll know that this is hard to achieve using only one platform, as real estate projects aren’t as common as consumer loans. That’s where EvoEstate comes in.

    EvoEstate is an aggregator of real estate platforms. With one account, you can invest in real estate projects by 20 project originators.

    EvoEstate also lists loans from other popular platforms such as Brickstarter, Bulkestate and Reinvest24. The platform is one of the few that invest their own money in individual projects. Learn more about the amazing features of EvoEstate in our latest EvoEstate review.

    Watch our latest EvoEstate review here:

    Ready to invest on EvoEstate?

    Read our in-depth EvoEstate review

    7. Heavy Finance

    heavy finance

    Heavy Finance Highlights

    • Invest in secured agricultural loans
    • Automate your portolio with Auto Invest
    • The best new P2B platform
    • Earn up to 11.6% interest per year
    Heavy Finance Overview
    Average Interest:11.6%
    Protection:Heavy Machinery
    Loan Type:Agriculture
    Availability of Loans:Good (3/5)
    Secondary Market:Yes
    Auto Invest:Yes
    Customer Support:Very Good (4/5)
    Trust Factor:Very Good (4/5)


  • Secured agricultural loans
  • Max. 70% LTV
  • Liquid assets
  • Cons

  • 1% secondary market fee
  • 0.1% fee for delayed investments
  • Only for investors with an Paysera account
  • Heavy Finance is the best new P2B platform within the peer-to-peer lending industry. The website is run by an experienced entrepreneur Laimonas Noreika and funded by StartUp Wise Guys who have backed several other successfull crowdfunding projects.

    All of your investments on Heavy Finance are backed by Heavy Machinery. The max. LTV is only 70% which further increases the safety of your investments.

    The average interest rate on Heavy Finance is currently slightly above 11% per year. The loan term varies typically between 24 and 36 months. This platform is suitable for anyone who is looking for an alternative to real-estate-backed loans but doesn't want to invest in unsecured consumer loans.

    Ready to invest on Heavy Finance?

    Read our updated Heavy Finance review

    8. Reinvest24

    p2p platform reinvest24

    Reinvest24 Highlights

    • Invest in rental properties
    • Minimum investment from €100
    • Lower risk and stable cashflow
    • Increase your platform diversification
    Reinvest24 Overview
    Average Interest:14.6%
    Loan Type:Real Estate
    Availability of Loans:OK (2/5)
    Secondary Market:Yes
    Auto Invest:No
    Customer Support:Exceptional (5/5)
    Trust Factor:Good (3/5)


  • Monthly rental income
  • Non-traditional investment
  • Secured by a collateral agent
  • Cons

  • Slow funding speed
  • Limited diversification
  • 1% entry fee
  • Reinvest24 is the most unique P2P lending platform in Europe. Why? It follows a fundamentally different business model to all the other P2P platforms.

    Reinvest24 allows you to invest in rental properties and earn a passive income through rental payments. As an investor, you buy a share of a property for a specific period of time. After the property is sold, you might benefit from additional capital gain. Combined, investors earn on average 14.6% yield per year. Find out more about the platform in our comprehensive Reinvest24 review.

    Wondering how Reinvest24 works? Find out in our Reinvest24 review.

    Ready to invest on Reinvest24?

    Read our in-depth Reinvest24 review

    9. TWINO


    TWINO Highlights

    • Invest in short-term loans
    • Additional payment guarantee
    • Investments in EUR and GBP
    • iOS and Android App
    TWINO Overview
    Average Interest:11%
    Protection:Buyback Guarantee
    Loan Type:Short-Term
    Availability of Loans:Good (3/5)
    Secondary Market:Yes
    Auto Invest:Yes
    Customer Support:Good (3/5)
    Trust Factor:OK (2/5)


  • Secured by a buyback guarantee
  • User-friendly auto invest
  • Additional payment guarantee
  • Cons

  • Bank previously flagged for AML violations
  • Limited diversification
  • No instant withdrawals
  • TWINO is a Latvian P2P lending site that lends short-term loans to consumers since 2009. The lending company launched the P2P lending site TWINO in 2015 to create an additional source of funding. Since then, TWINO paid out more than €13 M in interest to its investors.

    Keen to try out TWINO?

    Read our latest TWINO review

    Curious to compare other platforms? Head over to our ⚖️ P2P lending platform comparison to get a quick overview of the currently available platforms.

    10. Bondora G&G

    bondora go and grow

    Bondora G&G Highlights

    • Broad diversification options
    • Fully automated investments
    • Passive daily income
    • Most popular investment amongst passive investors
    Bondora G&G Overview
    Average Interest:6.75%
    Loan Type:Consumer
    Availability of Loans:Good (3/5)
    Secondary Market:Yes
    Auto Invest:Yes
    Customer Support:Good (3/5)
    Trust Factor:Ok (2/5)


  • Easy to use
  • High liquidity for G&G during normal market conditions
  • Daily passive income
  • Cons

  • No control over your investments
  • Lower interest as the competition
  • Low quality loans
  • Bondora Go and Grow is a great investment product if you want to be a passive investor. With Bondora you can simply deposit money and forget about it. Bondora is not a marketplace but a loan originator. With Bondora Go and Grow, you will diversify your investments across thousands of loans; there’s no other platform offering such broad diversification to date.

    Bondora promises to get you a 6.75% p.a. which is being added to your account daily. What’s exceptional is the fact that Bondora managed to deliver this return even during the recent crisis. We have currently an active investment of more than €1,000 on Bondora.

    Watch our review of Bondora's Go & Grow.

    Ready earn passive income?

    Read our comprehensive Bondora review

    This sums up our list of the best P2P lending platforms in Europe for 2021. Like what you see? Have a more in-depth read of our comprehensive platform reviews to fully understand platform functionalities and features.

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