Wise Money Transfer Review

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Table of contents


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FAQ about Wise Money Transfer

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Is Wise money transfer safe?

We have used the Wise money transfer service countless times without any issues. As long as you provide all the requested information during the money transfer procedure, your money should arrive at the recipient as expected.

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Is Wise trustworthy?

Wise is a trustworthy money transfer service launched in the UK in 2022. The FCA regulates the company. Wise offers an honest and trustworthy financial service.

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What are the problems with Wise?

Some users complain about frozen accounts due to the company's strict AML procedures. As the regulatory environment in Europe is evolving, Wise has to follow strict rules by regulators, which may result in additional checks, especially when you send unregular money transfers. It's recommended to provide any documentation required by Wise, to avoid unnecessary complications and payment delays.

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Do you need the Wise app?

The money transfers service from Wise works with and without the Wise app. If you use Wise for the first time, we recommend using their Desktop version on the website as it's more user-friendly than typing the recipient's bank information on your phone.