NEO Finance Review

Earn on average 18% interest per year.
Your investment is secured by a provision fund.

Get 1% cashback bonus
Tested platform
  • Safest P2P platform in Europe
  • Full control of your investments
  • Optional provision fund
  • High interest up to 27% p.a.
Risk & Return
Buyback GuaranteeYes
Auto InvestYes
Secondary MarketYes
Min. Investment€ 10
Loan Originators1
Loan TypeConsumer
Loan Period1 - 84 months
Interest6% - 27%
  • High due diligence standards
  • Transparent platform
  • Regulated P2P lending site
  • Fees for the provision fund
  • Unsecured P2P loans
  • 1% secondary market fee
_Risk & Return
_Due Diligence

NEO Finance Review

NEO Finance is one of the most secure P2P lending platforms in Europe. You can invest in personal loans with annual interest between 6% and 27% protected by an optional provision fund. Since 2015 more than 25,000 investors joined this P2P lending site. Ready to explore NEO Finance? Read our latest NEO Finance review to find out how it works.

neofinance review

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NEO Finance News

Last update: 05/08/2020
  • 4/08/2020 - In accordance with the provisions of the Law on Consumer Credit of the Republic of Lithuania the priority of VIP investors, which gave opportunity to invest with the right of priority, is repealed
  • 4/08/2020 - NEO Finance now made the "additional criteria" for your auto invest available to all investors

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NEO Finance in Numbers

Regardless of whether you’re just starting out with P2P lending or you’ve already invested on other European P2P lending platforms, you should always analyze the platform’s statistics before signing up and investing your money.

Let's have a look at NEO Finance's statistics:

NEO Finance Statistics
Year founded:2015
Investor's earnings:+ €6.5 M
Total loan value:+ €46.4 M
Amount of investors:+ 25,000
Loss of investor's money:0%
Average portfolio size:€ 2,821
Latest financial report:Report for 2019

NEO Finance is one of the most transparent platforms we have reviewed in 2020.

Note that not all of the information is always up to date.

NEO Finance confirmed that the actual number of investors is almost twice as high as you can see in the statistics in our table.

According to the latest information, the average investment amount is also higher in comparison to other market players such as FinBee and Profitus.

As we write this NEO Finance review, none of the investors have lost any money as a result of defaulted loans. All of the defaulted loans are still in the debt recovery process.

The P2P lending site was willing to share their recovery rates with us.

  • After 24 months: 40.7%
  • After 36 months: 76.2%

NEO Finance Sign Up Bonus

NEO Finance offers one the highest sign-up bonuses of all P2P lending platforms. Usually NEO Finance offers special promo codes that give you an additional bonus of €10.

We, at P2P Empire, were able to secure a better deal for you.

Simply sign up with our link, complete the registration and invest to receive a 1% NEO Finance bonus. There is no special referral code needed in order to claim your bonus. The cashback bonus will be calculated from your investment amount during the fist three months after registration.

neofinance referral code

Get 1% cashback bonus!

NEO Finance’s Requirements

Signing up on NEO Finance will take you longer than on other platforms as the P2P lending site follows strict anti-money laundering regulations.

When registering on NEO Finance you'll need to insert the following information.

  • Your phone number (will be used to confirm the terms and conditions)
  • Email address (or Facebook and Google profiles)
  • Copy of your passport or ID card
  • Your selfie in real-time

After your account has been verified, you can transfer funds to your dedicated IBAN account at NEO Finance.

A dedicated IBAN account? Right.

NEO Finance is currently the only P2P lending site in our comparison that offers dedicated IBAN accounts for their investors. This increases the safety of your funds as your money isn’t stored on the platform’s accounts which is still the case with many big platforms such as Mintos or EstateGuru.

In order to transfer funds to your investment account, you need to make a SEPA transfer (bank transfer).

The cheapest option is to use a Euro bank account.

No EUR bank account? No problem

  • Open a free N26 bank account
  • Open a free TransferWise bank account

The transfer of our funds with our N26 bank account to NEO Finance took less than 24 hours.

Want to start earning money like us?

Risk and Return

When reviewing P2P lending platforms, we always look at the protection schemes that come with investments. While real estate lending platforms like EstateGuru, Reinvest24 and BitOfProperty offer investment opportunities backed by mortgages, most consumer loan oriented platforms offer a buyback guarantee.

Let’s have a look at how NEO Finance protects your investment:

Lending To The Right Borrower

NEO Finance is a P2P lending platform that lends money directly to borrowers. It shouldn’t be compared to P2P marketplaces such as Mintos, PeerBerry, Viventor or IUVO Group which act as middle-man between the investor and the lending company.

The main question you should be asking is: How does NEO Finance ensure high quality borrowers?

Let’s dive right into the selection process:

  1. NEO Finances follows internal guidelines and regulations according to the Consumer Credit Law.
  2. Every borrower is scored in one of three categories (A, B, C) based on their creditworthiness.
  3. NEO Finance looks at 30 personal criteria during the evaluation process.
  4. Every borrower is checked through the Lithuanian credit database (historical and current loan data) as well as SODRA database (information about salaries) and credit bureau (currently outstanding loans).
  5. Every borrower needs to have a regular income and work at the same employer for at least four consecutive months.

Want to find out about the loan performance based on individual categories? Have a look at the loan statistics below.

neofinance statistics

In case where the borrower has an outstanding debt, its rating will drop automatically to E. The data is retrieved from

Provision Fund

Provision fund is similar to a buyback guarantee as you might know from other P2P lending platforms. In the case of NEO Finance, this provision fund is optional, meaning you can select it but don’t have to.

  • You activate the provision fund when signing the loan agreement
  • NEO Finance covers borrower’s delayed payments

This sounds great, however, the provision fund comes at a cost. If you decide to use this provision fund, you’ll need to pay a fee of 0.23% to 22.91%, depending on the borrower’s credit rating.

This fee is reduced immediately after you enter the loan agreement. This means that you need to receive interest in order to make up for the fee in order to see positive returns.

neofinance provision fund

Here is an example of how you can activate the provision fund on the primary market. On the left side you can see the provision fund fee which is the fee calculated for the entire loan term (84 months). Below you can also see the annual interest rate which includes the provision fund fee.

What does it mean?

You can either choose the provision fund and make your investments more "safe" in exchange for a lower return. Or you can avoid the provision fund and get the full interest in exchange for a "higher" risk.

Buyback Guarantee

NEO Finance’s buyback guarantee kicks in after 60 to 130 days, if you don’t use the provision fund.

As soon as the loan defaults, the P2P lending platform will offer you to repurchase your investment for 50% to 80% of the current value depending on the borrower's credit rating.

  • A+ and A ratings will be sold for 70%
  • B rated loans will be sold for 60%
  • C rated loans will be sold for 50%

If you reject the offer, the debt is transferred to the debt collection company or bailiff, where it can take up to two years to be recovered. All the expenses of the recovery are covered by the borrower.

How Much Do You Earn on NEO Finance?

This comes down to your investment strategy.

Here are the historical annual returns split in four investment strategies.

  • Safe investment: with the provision fund 👉 +3% and +8%
  • Small risk: without the provision fund but with the buyback 👉 +9% and +13%
  • Medium risk: without the provision fund and buyback option 👉 +14% and +17%
  • High risk: selling and buying investments on the secondary market 👉 -50% and +50%

Now you know how much you can expect to earn by investing on NEO Finance. It comes down to your own risk preferences.

Equally note-worthy is that, for non-Lithuanians, the platform will deduct income taxes from the interest you earn through investing in loans. Thanks to the double-taxation treaty your interest won't be taxed more than in your country of residence.

Is NEO Finance Safe?

Who Leads the Team?

The platform is led by Aiva Remeikienė, who has been with the company for six years and is the board member, as well as the CEO of NEO Finance. Aiva is also a board member of Legal Balance, a legal services provider in Lithuania.

Who Owns the Platform?

If you want all the ownership details, head over to NEO Finance’s Information Document here.

Happy with a brief summary?

Well, the company’s largest shareholder is UAB ERA CAPITAL, which has 74.94% ownership. This company is owned by Evaldas Remeikus and Aiva Remeikiené.

The rest of the company’s shares are detailed in the screenshot below:

neofinance owners

Are there Any Suspicious Terms and Conditions?

When reviewing P2P lending sites, we always have a look at the terms and conditions.

Here’s a summary of what we found in the terms of use:

  • Only an individual person can create a NEO Finance account. Legal entities cannot invest on NEO Finance.
  • The solvency of a borrower is accessed in accordance to the rules provided by the Bank of Lithuania.
  • NEO Finance’s terms also explain that the platform is not responsible for any losses resulting from users’ investments on the platform.

All the other sections of the contract are quite straightforward. You can read the entire document here.

Do Investors have Access to Individual Loan Agreements?

You need to accept the loan agreement before investing on NEO Finance. You'll have to read through it when activating your Auto Invest or investing manually. The contract also needs to be signed via a code that you'll receive to your phone.

You can find all of your loan agreements in your investor account under My Investments.

Potential Red Flags

Currently we have no knowledge about potential red flags.

Learn more about possible red flags here.

What’s Our Opinion About NEO Finance?

NEO Finance is one of very few regulated P2P lending platforms in Europe. The company is also listed on the NASDAQ stock market. Your funds are stored in a segregated bank account with your own dedicated IBAN number.

Additionally, all of your transactions need to be verified with a SMS code.

This grade of security isn’t very common in the P2P lending space.

The provision fund as well as the buyback guarantee, offered by NEO Finance, are also unique amongst European P2P lending platforms.

NEO Finance is one of the most transparent platforms when it comes to sharing financial data about its borrowers.

In fact we enjoyed reviewing it so much that it didn’t take much convincing and we decided to invest on NEO Finance ourselves.

Ready to join us?


The platform itself is very easy to use, especially when compared to more complex interfaces on platforms like Mintos or Bondora. You can either choose to invest manually or via the Auto Invest feature.

Auto Invest

NEO Finance’s Auto Invest is intuitive enough that you can use it even if you have never used any other P2P lending platform before.

neofinance auto invest

The basic Auto Invest settings allow you to define:

  • The title of your portfolio
  • Your minimum investment amount per loan
  • Interest range
  • Loan term
  • Provision fund

You can also further define certain criteria which the borrower needs to fulfill such as the purpose of the loan, education, age, assets, marital status, work experience and income.

Note that any further selection will limit the amount of loans that match your criteria, which can cause cash drag (uninvested funds in your account).

Manual Investing

NEO Finance also gives you the option to invest manually in loans. The P2P lending site is one of the few platforms that share more details about the borrowers.

You can view information about borrowers’ income as well as their current liabilities.

neofinance project

Having access to this information is something that helps to increase the transparency of the platform. Investors on Mintos, PeerBerry or Robocash only have very little information about who is lending their money.

Become a VIP Investor

NEO Finance offers loyal users, who invest a certain amount of capital, the possibility to sell your loans for a 10% better rate.

So, we hear you ask, what is the scale of the VIP program? Let us tell you!

  1. Platinum: Active investments of more than €125,000
  2. Gold: Active investments of more than €50,000
  3. Silver: Active investments of more than €15,000
  4. Bronze: Active investments of more than €5,000

How Fast Can You Withdraw Your Money?

If your goal is to invest short-term, NEO Finance is not the best fit for you.

The platform does not allow for instant withdrawals unless you manage to sell your investments on the secondary market.

Secondary Market

NEO Finance, gives you the option to sell and purchase investments on the secondary market for a premium or discounted price.

Note, however, that a brokerage fee of 1% will be charged for the buyer as well as the seller on the secondary market.

The secondary market on NEO Finance isn’t a place to trade your investments, rather a place to liquidate your investments if you can’t wait until the end of the loan term.

NEO Finance certainly shouldn't be compared to Mintos’s Invest and Access tool or Bondora’s Go and Grow.

Withdrawing your money from NEO Finance might take several days, depending on the market situation. If there's a big demand for investments, you will be able to withdraw your investments faster.

If your goal is to be able to withdraw money earlier, we suggest to invest on P2P marketplaces for short-term loans. Read ourPeerBerry review to find out more about how it works.

Customer Support

The customer support team from NEO Finance is very responsive.

We have requested additional of information from NEO Finance in order to create this in-depth and fact-oriented NEO Finance review.

The P2P platform came back to us with detailed answers to all of our questions within only one day.

You can either use the live chat function, the call function or just send an email to NEO Finance with all of your questions.

NEO Finance Review Summary

NEO Finance is currently one of the safest P2P lending platforms in Europe. You can invest directly into consumer loans issued by NEO Finance. Your uninvested funds are stored in your personal IBAN account which is truly exceptional. Our annual interest rate on NEO Finance is currently 15.78%.

Main Takeaways From Our NEO Finance Review

  • Transparent Due Diligence Process
  • Full Control Over Your Investments
  • High Interest
  • Low Default Rates
  • Regulated And Established P2P Platform

NEO Finance is currently one of the best P2P lending platforms in Europe when it comes to the protection of your investments.

Grab your 1% bonus and let your money work for you!


What is the minimum investment amount on NEO Finance?

The minimum investment amount in one loan from NEO Finance is €10.

Is there a secondary market on NEO Finance?

There is a secondary market on NEO Finance which allows you to sell or purchase other loans. If you decide to use the secondary market, you will be charged a 1% brokerage fee.

Can I withdraw my money anytime?

You cannot withdraw your money anytime. Investors need to wait until the loan is repaid. You can, however, sell your investments on the secondary market and withdraw your money earlier. NEO Finance has no ownership of your funds as they are segregated from company's accounts.

How is my investment protected?

Your investment on NEO Finance can be optionally protected by a protection fund. This protection scheme is, however, not for free. Depending on the loan term and credit risk, the protection fund fee ranges from 0.2% - 22%. Find out more about this in our in-depth NEO Finance review above.

Company Information
Company:NEO Finance
Address:A. Vivulskio g. 7, LT-03162 Vilnius
Phone:+370 687 00 300
Live Chat:Yes
Opening Hours:Weekdays from 9AM to 6PM
Social Media:Facebook