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YouHodler Referral Code 2022

YouHodler will soon introduce the YouHodler referral code, which will give new users who deposit at least $1,000 worth of crypto will receive a special bonus. The exact terms and conditions of the YouHodler promo code are yet to be determined. The platform informed us that they aim to launch the campaign in the upcoming months. As soon as a dedicated referral code is available, we will share it with you here on P2P Empire.

youhodler sign up bonus

Ready to start with YouHodler?

🏆 YouHodler Referral Code Claim Bonus
🎁 Bonus for new investors: $50 in crypto of your choice
⌛ Bonus payment: One week after your deposit of $1,000 or more
📱 YouHodler Referral Code: N/A
💲 Deposit Requirements: $1000 worth of crypto

Since the YouHodler referral program isn't active yet, you can explore the Hodlnaut referral code to get a $30 bonus in USDC or navigate to our cashback bonus section to get even more free money. YouHodler informed us that none of the YouHodler promo codes are working yet. As soon as we get our hands on an active YouHodler promo code, you will find it here on P2P Empire.

YouHodler Promo Code 

The crypto lending platform YouHodler is one of the best and most transparent companies in the crypto lending space. The platform offers attractive yields on more than 30 coins. If you are interested in earning passive income on your crypto holdings, YouHodler is the best place to go. New crypto hodlers who use our YouHodler promo code, and deposit at least $1,000 worth of crypto for one week, will get a $50 bonus paid in a preferred cryptocurrency.

How to redeem the YouHodler referral code?

  1. Register on YouHodler with our unique promo code
  2. Complete the KYC (identity verification)
  3. Deposit at least $1,000 worth of crypto to your YouHodler wallet
  4. Wait for one week and get a $50 YouHodler bonus in a coin of your choice

Note that the YouHodler Promo Code offers more attractive terms than for example the Celsius Referral Code, where you need to lock up your crypto assets for 30 days in order to get the bonus.

On top of that YouHodler is a trusted company with no shady business practices. This increases the safety of your assets. Learn more about the crypto lending platform in our YouHodler review.

YouHodler Quick Review

YouHodler's most popular product is the interest-bearing crypto wallet. The platform offers high yields which are being paid out to your wallet every Friday. On top of that, YouHodler doesn't take ownership of your coins, which is often the case on other crypto-lending platforms. The platform is extremely transparent with us, which increases the trust in YouHodler's business practices. If you decide to earn a yield on your crypto holdings, YouHodler is by far the best platform in 2022.


Do I need to insert a YouHodler promo code?

When registering on YouHodler you will need to type in our referral code to claim the $50 bonus.

I did not receive the bonus, what shall I do?

First, make sure that you have fulfilled all the requirements. The bonus will be added to your positive balance in your YouHodler Wallet. In the unlikely event that you haven’t received your bonus, please get in touch with YouHodler's support and request additional information.

Do you guarantee that I will get the bonus?

We take our service extremely seriously, which is why P2P Empire is known for up-to-date information, including various bonus offers. We don’t guarantee any bonuses, however, we do our best to keep all the information up to date.

What else should I be aware of?

Receiving a bonus is a great way to increase your returns, note, however, that crypto lending or crypto trading is a risky investment and investors have already lost money on many other crypto platforms in the past. You should always conduct your own diligence and make your own research before you start earning interest on your crypto.