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How Safe is Mintos in 2021?

Guest: Martins Sulte - CEO & Co-founder of Mintos
Recorded: 06/06/2021
👉 Mintos Review{" "}

How Safe Is EstateGuru?

Guest: Andres Luts - Chief Credit Risk Officer at EstateGuru
Recorded: 02/06/2021
👉{" "} EstateGuru Review

Is Offering Interest On Fiat Even Legal?

Guest: Ilya Volkov - CEO at YouHodler
Recorded: 25/05/2021
👉{" "} YouHodler Review{" "}

What's The Impact Of The Conflict Between Russia And Ukraine On P2P Lending?

Guest: Anastasija Oleinika - CEO of the TWINO Group
Recorded: 13/04/2021
👉{" "} TWINO Review

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What You Need To Know About Investing In Secured Loans From Czech Republic

Guest: Pavel Klema - CEO at Bondster
Recorded: 12/04/2021
👉{" "} Bondster Review

Should You Invest In Loans From Kazakhstan?

Guest: Yerkanat Kazgaliev - Director of Operations - Robocash Kazakhstan
Recorded: 11/04/2021
👉{" "} Robocash Review{" "}

How To Invest In Secured Loans From Moldova And Earn 15% Per Year?

Guest: Tanel Orro - CEO at Reinvest24
Recorded: 07/04/2021
👉{" "} Reinvest24 Review

What Is It Like Investing On The Most Regulated P2P Lending Platform?

Guest: Evaldas Remeikis - Founder of NEO Finance
Recorded: 01/04/2021
👉{" "} NEO Finance Review

The Origins Of Debitum Network Finally Explained

Guest: Martins Liberts - Co-founder & CEO at Debitum Network
Recorded: 20/03/2021
👉{" "} Debitum Network Review {" "}

How To Earn 11.24% Interest By Investing In Loans Backed By Heavy Machinery

Guest: Laimonas Noreika - Co-founder & CEO at Heavy Finance
Recorded: 21/03/2021
👉{" "} Heavy Finance Review

The Likely Best Secured Loans From Spain

Guest: Alex Melis - Co-founder & CEO at IBANCAR
Recorded: 13/03/2021
👉{" "} Invest in loans from IBANCAR on IUVO

Why are Lenders Leaving Mintos?

Guest: Juris Grisins - CEO at Capitalia
Recorded: 07/03/2021

Why Is The Aventus Group Winning?

Guest: Andrejus Trofimovas - CEO at Aventus Group
Recorded: 14/01/2020
👉{" "} Invest in loans from the Aventus Group on PeerBerry

Should You Invest in Rental Deals?

Guest: Tanel Orro - CEO at Reinvest24
Recorded: 21/11/2020
👉{" "} Reinvest24 Review

Is The Buyback Guarantee Good Enough?

Guest: Arunas Lekavicius - CEO at PeerBerry
Recorded: 25/10/2020
👉{" "} PeerBerry Review

What ‘s Happening With Crowdestor?

Guest: Janis Timma - CEO at Crowdestor
Recorded: 17/10/2020
👉{" "} Crowdestor Review

Is Earning 12% Interest From Real-Estate-Backed Loans Too Good To Be True?

Guest: Daniil Aal - VP of Loan Originations at EstateGuru
Recorded: 10/10/2020
👉{" "} EstateGuru Review

What Are The Challenges For P2P Marketplaces?

Guest: Ivaylo Ivanov - CEO at IUVO Group
Recorded: 07/10/2020
👉{" "} Iuvo Group Review